16 Pics That'll Make You Say 'Absolutely Not'

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Ah yes, pictures that will make you nope from head to toe. You can also file all these photos under things you never hope you see in person. Like, they're totally fine to laugh at...safely from the other side of your screen as you scroll through.

1. Spilling all the jalapeño ranch that this restaurant carries and immediately needing to throw out all your clothes

Reddit | spicybhole123

What a hot mess to get into. Spilling some sauce is like an everyday thing (maybe just me?), but this person looks like they spilled the restaurant's entire stock.

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2. This kitchen disaster would make me never want to cook again

Reddit | PR3DA7oR

Talk about breaking under pressure. And then also breaking everything around it. I thought using cooking things like this would make me into an instant chef, but I'll pass.

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3. You can't see them at all, but these stop lights would still make me stop

Reddit | mhtravis

And turn around and go straight home to pack my bags and move anywhere where snow isn't, because nothing makes me say nope more than a giant snowstorm.

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4. Oh, honey. This is a crime against nails everywhere

Instagram | @synergysuites

Dramatic? Maybe. But you bet I wouldn't leave the salon until my fingers at least resembled what I wanted. JK, the only thing I say no to more than ugly nails is confrontation.

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5. Privacy? Nah, let's go with a frosted glass instead

Reddit | Gullwingbr

So practical. We only use toilets to chill on when we're browsing Twitter anyway, so why hide that from the world? #RealTalk

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6. Because that makes any sense at all

Reddit | titanhunter392

You bet it doesn't. But the sad thing is that I am sure people bought this in hopes of getting to the last page of the internet, wherever it is.

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7. The packaging of these pills causes you just enough annoyance to make your eye twitch 

Reddit | Entity04

Machine or human, whatever packed these pills up needs to rethink their career. Or programming, or whatever.

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Instagram | @realfoolishness

Not only do my teeth hurt, but I am so concerned for the well-bring of the person who chomped on their ice cream like this! Why would you do that to yourself?!

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9. Losing your keys is normal, but losing your keys in leftovers is not

Reddit | Nagnel

TBH, this didn't look appetizing to begin with, but they keys just add an extra crunch that would end horribly.

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10. Can this really even be described as chocolate chip cookies? 

Reddit | KissableToaster

Nope, don't think so. I would, of course, still eat them, but it would be with deep sadness and regret.

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11. This bumpy mess is somehow passing as a slide

Reddit | Jessegrav

I've never been more glad to not be able to fit down a slide. This is how some childhood fears begin.

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12. Being anywhere near this monster would make me scream "no," so being in a car might be fatal for all

Imgur | youandmeandrainbows

Why? Because I would light everything on fire basically. With no regrets.

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13. When I think about the lost drink and the absolute mess that happened just seconds later — I'm so not down

Reddit | first_fires

A touching and messy moment between two bros captured forever. Cherished memories.

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14. Whatever led to this being a situation 

The Wondrous | The Wondrous

Who knew a game of golf could end so badly? I never considered it an extreme sport, but now I might reconsider that.

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15. Whatever is going on in this picture

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

Is it photoshop? Is it a really well-placed head, and the body is behind the standing girl? I don't know! But it creeps me out, so nope.

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16. Pulling on up beside this car and being met with a window full of dreads 

Instagram | @djbewbz

Nah, not down. But like, for their health too, I'm not down. That has to be a safety hazard.

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