14+ Absolute Units That Will Leave You In Awe

Diply 10 Aug 2018

I'm about to be real boring for a second, but in case you haven't come across the "absolute unit" meme yet, you're in for a treat.

Twitter memes are not a new phenomenon, but late last year, one particular meme got rolling where people would post pictures of big, nay huge, version of things with the caption "In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit." The rest is history. Or rather, the rest is sampled in the article you're about to peruse.

1. Remember Kangaroo Jack? Well, this is Kangaroo Jacked.

Reddit | CrowhavenRoad

As if this swole marsupial wasn't already intimidating enough, here it is proving that it can crush a bucket with its bare hands (paws? mitts?). The point is, there's no way I'm getting into a flexing contest with this one.

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2. This picture raises the eternal question — what do you do if you surface in your submarine, but you end up bringing a massive walrus with you?

Reddit | opgary

It's one of those brainteasers that they teach in philosophy class. The correct answer, though, is to take a sweet picture of it. I might also be tempted to try to snuggle it.

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3. For those times when a regular-sized exit just won't do the trick.

Reddit | PapaJubby

Someone on Reddit pointed out that it almost looks like it says EXOT, and now that's how I'm going to pronounce the word "exit" from now on. You've been warned.

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4. When Woody upgrades to being downright oaky.

Reddit | beringi-uh

I mean, like, because oak trees can be super thick. I'm not saying that this toy has an oaky flavor like he's some kind of fancy scotch or something. You got it, anyway.

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5. Who even needs a couch when you have a dog like this?

Reddit | SpookyLlama

For the purposes of this joke, I hope that this is a malamute because then I could call it an absolute malam-unit. If not, then let's just pretend so that I don't have to rewrite this.

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6. Finally, somebody decided to get rid of the whole handy compact design of Swiss Army knives and delivered us the Swiss Army toolbox.

Reddit | Yogmoth69

I don't think I own a single pair of pants that has pockets big enough for this unit.

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7. Not even sure why you'd bother tagging this bear. It's probably never going to end up that far away from you.

Reddit | Reddit

Is this what bears look like right before hibernation? Or is this one just a special case that makes Winnie the Pooh look like an Instagram model?

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8. This sounds like a quote from that one uncle whose eyes are always bloodshot and seems to really enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Reddit | A_Fresh_One

I'm hardly exaggerating when I say that this leaf is bigger than my bed.

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9. Hey? Y'all wanna see some really fat cats? Because you're about to see a few pictures of some really fat cats.

Reddit | boopyouonthenose

If this little girl keeps picking up this cat, she's gonna become a bit of a unit herself.

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10. Why did this cat just walk over to me on the beach, kick sand in my face, and steal my girlfriend?

Reddit | Roytoy13

Apparently, my life has become a fitness ad from an Archie comic.

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11. This is a look I know all too well.

Reddit | TheAnimeAnimator

This look says, "I know I promised myself that I would eat healthy today, but I also know that there are arrowroot cookies and Betty Crocker frosting in the kitchen, and that I'm going to make some sandwiches out of it as soon as I can convince myself to get up."

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12. If this moth was any bigger, you'd need Godzilla to come around to save the day.

Reddit | Snuhg

Fun fact — apparently Mothra is going to be in the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I hear that Millie Bobby Brown is going to be in it, and I hope she's playing the moth.

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13. This dude really knows how to embrace the grind.

Reddit | rosshmartin

Just how big are the peppercorns that this dude is grinding? Is he sticking a whole pepper tree in there? I obviously don't know how peppers grow.

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14. It's a little-known fact that giraffes actually get to choose at an early age whether they want a long neck, or whether they want to be thicc.

Reddit | xb9001

This one obviously chose to be a girth-affe.

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15. Actual footage of me keeping an eye on bae when she goes to hang out with some dude who she swears is "just a friend" even though she giggles every time he sends her a Snap.

Reddit | TheShadowDemon247
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16. Bro, what???

Reddit | ActionJacksn713

Why does a backpack this size even exist? I'm pretty sure that you could fit every single other thing from this article in that backpack — and still have room to spare.

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