5. As if we needed more reason to love elephants...

When one is upset or stressed, other elephants will hold its trunk and make chirping noises to soothe them. I'm crying.

Instagram |  @hewbro4

6. Even better?

Baby elephants, also called calves, will suck on their trunks the same way babies suck on their thumbs when they need to comfort themselves when mom is busy.

Instagram |  @thelittletrunksproject

7. As scary as crows are often perceived, their actually quite sweet birds.

They can recognize faces and even give individuals names. Sometimes they bring gifts, like shiny objects, if they want to say thank you.

Instagram |  @wyatt_e

8. It's no secret that rats are super smart.

But did you know that they can laugh? Just how when you tickle a human they can't help but giggle, the same thing happens when you tickle a rat.

Instagram |  @fluffy_stinkers