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15+ Uplifting Pics Of Good People Doing Good Things

It's not always easy to see the goodness in the world. Sometimes, folks just want to do good but keep their deeds to themselves, which is admirable. I mean, acts of kindness are seldom done for the recognition — it's usually about helping someone.

But, thankfully, sometimes they get caught on camera, or people want to recognize the folks who've done them right, and we actually get to see that there are still good people around, doing good things.

This security guard who spends his quieter moments knitting booties and mittens for premature babies.

What a gem. And what a great use of the hours he has to spend sitting on the job.

This *patient* who spend her time in bed knitting hats for little ones.

Facebook | Children's Mercy

She had to spend six weeks in the hospital undergoing treatment for Crohn's disease, so she decided to put her time there to good use.

When your girlfriend is allergic to real roses, what do you do for romance? Make a couple out of wood, of course.

Reddit | ReneDefartes

At least, that was the thinking for Redditor ReneDefartes, who almost certainly earned himself many brownie points with his thoughtfulness.

Just a UPS driver making a fan's day.

Reddit | sweetnstuff

You have to think that delivery drivers don't have a ton of fans, so this probably made both of their days.

Likewise for these garbage collectors.

Reddit | Benzona

"Every Thursday morning my little nephew waits for the garbage man to arrive so he can help," wrote the uploader. "Today they brought him a WM hat to wear."


As protests have erupted in many countries around the globe, these protesters are looking for the police officers on duty.

Reddit | ivan420

It has to help relations between protesters and police when everybody is well hydrated and actually cares about each other's well being.

When one patient's last wish was to see their horses one last time, a team of medical professionals made sure it happened.

Facebook | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

The went so far as bringing a hospital bed out to the meadow, where the horses got some carrots and everybody got to say goodbye.

I don't know how necessary this is, but it's sweet nonetheless.

Twitter | @charliebadger99

When his cat had to wear a cone following surgery, this guy wore one himself "in solidarity." A nice gesture, if nothing else!

This is an absolute epic.

Reddit | mftnhsdiq

Or a fable, if you prefer. Not only did Russell the crow get a nice assist, but the rescuer got a great story out of it. Good deal!

"He never wanted a dog. Four days after they met, she helped him to recover from a stroke."

Reddit | DreamersEyesOpen

Okay, this is heart-achingly wholesome. It's not just a mystery how dogs know to help us out, but how they know apparently right from the start!

Shannon Downey bought an unfinished quilting project at an estate sale, not realizing how much work was involved.

Twitter | @ShannonDowney

But she was determined to finish the project for the lady, named Rita, who had died with it incomplete. With over 100 hexagons to be embroidered to finish the quilt, she asked for help from her Instagram community, and over 1,000 people volunteered!

You have to love how firefighters look out for even the furry members of families.

Reddit | butterjack

They understand how important those little ones are to us, and it's great to see them trying their best for our furry friends.

And you know the animals appreciate it.

If there's any doubt, just check out this baby bear, who doesn't want to let go of its savior from a fire.

In California's wildfires, fire crews are even rounding up alpacas to keep them safe.

Reddit | HammerSavvy

Basically, just providing more evidence that firefighters are the best and deserving of all the high fives.

It doesn't always take a grand gesture to make someone's day.

Reddit | humansof

Two new parents were having some difficulty getting their baby to settle down at a restaurant, but as they were getting ready to call it quits, the couple sitting next to them offered to take the baby so they could enjoy themselves. "Our baby slept on this kind stranger's shoulder the entire evening!" wrote the uploader.

The World Series is serious, but it doesn't have to be brutal.

Twitter | @Ourand_SBJ

A Houston Astros fan ran this ad in the Washington Post to say thanks for the kind treatment by Washington Nationals fans while in town for the big games.

When somebody spray painted 'Speak English' on a fence, an artist from the neighborhood decided to improve upon it.

Instagram | doodlebank

He figured it should better represent the multicultural-ness of the area, so he touched up a picture of it on his laptop and shared it around.

This veteran saw an opportunity and took it.

Reddit | cathleene1987

He's selling poppies for Remembrance Day in Britain, which goes to help veterans, and he's doing a great job of it.