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Women Are Rocking Their Mustaches For Movember In Razor Brand's Latest Campaign

It may come as a shock to some of you, but women have hair. I'm being facetious of course. But, somehow, somewhere in life, it became "unattractive" for women to sport hair pretty much everywhere except on their scalps.

Razor brand Billie has been trying to change the conversation about that. Their next mission? To encourage women to confidently rock their mustaches for Movember and work to normalize facial hair.

It might seem pretty ironic that a razor brand would support people to NOT shave.

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Billie is all about giving female-identifying individuals the choice to shave or not, fighting against traditional gender norms that have made women feel that they need to look a certain way for others AKA men.

Not only are women's bodies not for men to dictate, but Movember isn't just for men to participate in, either!

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Billie's latest campaign is encouraging women to grow out their facial hair and strut their mustache stuff for Movember, too.

And it's not just to create some stir, although it's already been happening.

Instagram | @billie

Unfortunately, the comments on their YouTube video are horrendous.

However, Billie is saying, "haters to the left," anyways, and they'll be donating 100% of their contributions from their sales, up to $50,000.

Change can be slow, but it's gotta start somewhere!

Watch the powerful campaign here!

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