Netflix's 'Another Life' Renewed For Season 2

It seems you'll finally be getting that second season of Another Life you've been waiting for, Sci-Fi fans. And honestly, it couldn't come a moment too soon.

We've been waiting for this.

'Another Life' was one of those breakout Netflix shows you don't expect.


The story of Astronaut Niko Breckinridge and her search for alien life, the first season ended with a bang that had fans panting anxiously for more.

And it seems as though they're going to get it.

The service has given the series ten new episodes.


And it's set to start production next year in Vancouver.

No release date has been set, which is lame, but they have to make it first so we'll have to wait.

Of course, Katee Sackhoff is returning.


Which is great. She was awesome in Battlestar Galactica and she was just as good in Another Life.

Justin Chatwin (who plays Niko's husband) will also be returning, alongside Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow.

Some people have wondered why this show is getting another season, citing negative reviews.


But those people are just haters.

Don't listen to them Netflix, there have to be some Another Life fans out there who are excited for another season of Sci-Fi fun!