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15+ Things That Get Bigger Than We Thought They'd Get

We humans like to think of ourselves as the dominant species on the planet, and we really are, but in the grand scheme of things, we're tiny. Like, minuscule.

And nothing puts it all into perspective like seeing things that are bigger than we expect them to be.

This toddler is actually standing next to a very small bone.

Reddit | juiceayy

Well, small for the animal it came from — it's a whale's vertebrae. They're just swimming around with bones the size of toddlers.

And that is a normal sized human hand holding this apple.

Reddit | BenjoMoyer555

What a freaking meal! This apple apparently weighed in at a ridiculous 1.2 lbs., easily enough to keep several doctors at bay.

Have you ever seen grapes this hefty?

Reddit | timewasty

Three grapes to a handful is absolutely bonkers.

Lest you think they're another fruit in disguise, the uploader wrote, "Yeah, they're just giant grapes. I'm eating them right now and there's a grapevine on the bag and they were in the grape section of the produce area and the cashier said, 'Wow, look at those grapes.'"

That's one, um, rotund eggplant.

Reddit | lankyoscar

It's like that eggplant ate three other eggplants on the way to the market. Can you imagine how much it would cost?

Pictures of Michelangelo's David doesn't really do it justice.

Reddit | YourFellaThere

And not just in terms of it's beauty, but its size. The human working on the scaffolding around it sure does, however.

I was not prepared for how large Teletubbies are.

Reddit | tommyknockers26

If they weren't terrifying enough, add the stature of Teletubbies to your nightmares. Nobody needs a Tinky Winky towering over them.

Getting electricity from one continent to another is a big job.

Reddit | malker84

Which means you need a massive cable to do it — and this is one of the undersea cables built for the job.

There are submarines and then there are submarines.

Reddit | Ace_Combat

And this isn't even a modern specimen, but a WWII-era sub from the Australian Navy. It's not an explorer's vessel, this thing is all business.

And yet, it has nothing on a cruise ship.

Reddit | supremegalacticgod

This one is still under construction, obviously, but there's a reason they're often referred to as floating towns.

Oh, and the drones used by the military aren't exactly kites.

Reddit | Harrypc95

But then, they undertake missions that no mere kite could perform, so they have to be heavy duty.

You really get a sense of how tall Manute Bol was when standing next to his diminutive teammate, Muggsy Bogues.

Reddit | AlexAndertheAble

Muggy, of course, is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA at just 5'3", while Manute stood 7'7".

Just to give another sense of the size of many NBA players, check out the difference between these hands.

Reddit | Subsequent1y

The hand on the right is just an average hand. On the left? The LA Clippers' Kawhi Leonard, who is a mere 6'7".

Okay, kinda gross, but this was removed from a human.

Reddit | Surgeox

It's a gallstone the size of an egg. Yikes. That must feel so much better to have out.

We all know that redwoods are giants.

Reddit | CryptoMonkey3343

But there's something about seeing a woman standing next to it, marveling at its enormity, that really brings it all home.

We are all her, even just seeing a picture of a tree like this.

This is a mind-boggling eclipse.


That shadow cast by the moon Io on Jupiter during an eclipse measures about 2236 miles (3600 km) across. For reference, our Moon leaves a shadow about 164 miles (265 km) across during a solar eclipse.

This'll get a fire going in a zip.

Reddit | gustopf87

Maybe it's not the easiest lighter in the world to use, or even to carry around, but it'll get the job done.

This is not a grape, but something called valonia ventricosa.

Twitter | @41Strange

What makes it so special is that this is a single-celled organism, one of the largest such organisms in the world.

The world's largest statue stands in India.

Reddit | jaykirsch

At 600 feet in height, the Statue of Unity is more than twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

This is easily the largest safety pin I've ever seen.

Reddit | mcx15

And it begs the question: What task, exactly, requires a safety pin of such enormity? Because I've got nothing here.

Horses are large, compared to humans. Clydesdales look large even compared to horses.

Reddit | kaywhyesay

They make humans look downright puny.

As one person related on Reddit: "I rode a Clydesdale named Rambo. Rambo didn’t give a s--t that I was on his back. Everyone else in the group of horses went left and Rambo (and I) went right so Rambo could eat some nice grass and some tasty flowers. The people on regular sized horses came and got Rambo (and rescued me) about 2 hours later. I couldn’t jump off Rambo because I was worried I’d break my ankle. I’m still not sure Rambo even knew I was there at all."

Okay, size-wise, this is far from the largest Venus fly trap around.

Reddit | penboiyi

In terms of number of mouths, however, it has to be in rare company. I mean, this is H.P. Lovecraft's idea of a great Venus fly trap. What a nightmare!

For the mother's sake, I'm not sure I want to believe this is a newborn.

Reddit | Cojy730

But it sure looks like a newborn baby. Have to imagine it delivered by C-section, don't you think?

When life gives you lemons like this, you can make lemonade for days.

Reddit | TreeManAdamski

And apparently this isn't a rare variety of lemon, either.

"All the others on the tree were normal lemon sized," the uploader wrote, so this is just one chonky lemon.

Someone found this massive mushroom just growing in their yard.

Twitter | ShadowedByDark

Is it edible? Yes, giant puffballs usually are, but it's not a side-dish or a garnish, it's a feast on its own.

And then there's a fist-sized clove of garlic.

Reddit | manigrace

With some of the other huge things we've seen, we might be able to get a large recipe going.

It's a good time to be alive, because this isn't.

Reddit | UnfixedPenguin

We all know dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures were massive, but seeing the jaws of the Sacrosuchus next to a human skull, and even next to a common alligator, is enough to make you thankful they're extinct.

Definitely putting the "bull" in "bullfrog."


As in, this thing looks like it could be livestock, tipping the scales at a whopping 18 pounds.

When you have some heavy duty bolts to secure.

Reddit | johnszott

Which also makes you wonder what the wrench you'd use on a nut like this would look like, and how they would be manipulated.

Maybe these knives are what you use to carve up some of the massive produce in the world?

Reddit | oberon06

I don't know what else you'd do with them. They're clearly not swords, but they could be.

If I had to lift this thing up for display, I would definitely whine about it.

Reddit | totalinfonet

Hey-o. Admittedly, I'm not around grapevines much, but I'm still pretty sure this is far from a normal bunch.

I also never realized a cactus could get to be this tall.

Reddit | Tll6

I thought they had a kind of natural cutoff point that was much, much lower than this. Shows what I know!

Here's another massive cactus.

Reddit | glowyorangejuice

These ones are found on the Galapagos islands, which hardly surprises me. The man waving is 6'5" according to the person who shared the photo.

The leaves on this plant are appropriately named.

Reddit | genevievemia

They're known as elephant ears. The only problem I can see is that they might be even larger than an actual elephant's ear.

When we hear the words "crystal caves of Mexico" we probably don't imagine this.

Reddit | spotandedgar

I think of small, sparkly crystals that are pretty and romantic, not Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

This massive femur was found in France.

Reddit | Fanciedfacts

It's estimated to be about 140 million years old and weights 1102 pounds. Clearly, prehistorical French people were giants.

Or dinosaurs.

When locks are filled with water, it can be easy to forget how massive those gates actually are.

Reddit | dapperpony

But when the Ballard Locks in Seattle had to be drained for repairs, you can really get a sense of the incredible scale.

If you've never seen a hot air balloon on the ground, then you may not understand how big they actually are.

Reddit | theOG-Larrymenta

It takes a lot of hot air to lift a basket of people. My hometown used to hold a hot air balloon festival every year and it was so cool to go watch them inflate and liftoff.

The Flemish giant rabbit is very aptly named.

Reddit | Drown_In_The_Void

Like, compared to your average bunny, it doesn't take much to look giant, but this rabbit is GIANT. So much so that I feel weird calling it a bunny. It's a rabbit.

Alaskan cold water crabs are impressive.

Reddit | Biosample

Just look at those limbs! They're longer than than man is tall.

Wine barrels are no joke.

Reddit | TBA-SOON

I was about to make a joke about someone passing me a straw, but even joking about that much wine feels wrong.

Traffic lights are bigger than you realize.

Reddit | sinmantky

It makes sense that they need to be large so that people can see them far enough away to stop safely, but it's hard to visualize when they're hanging high above our heads.

Another thing that hides its true size by hanging overhead is flags.

Reddit | FIDST

There are people holding onto the dangling flag in the lower right picture. You may not believe me, but they're there.

Just imagine one of these pine cones falling on your noggin.

Reddit | ExpressRaspberry

That thing is as big as my thigh, maybe even larger. Be careful where you park your car, lest one of these tumble off a tree and leave a dent in your hood.

Now that's a sunflower deserving of a salutation.

Reddit | Verryfastdoggo

I knew sunflowers could be tall, but not as tall as a house. And it doesn't even seem to need a brace to not fall over. Crazy!

So, bison aren't just shaggy cows.

Reddit | imma_doggo_

Even if that guy is on the smaller side of average, that bison is still a massive beast.

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