HBO Greenlights 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel 'House Of The Dragon'

Game of Thrones might have taken a hit when their prequel starring Naomi Watts was shut down after a bad pilot episode, but fans can rejoice knowing that the other prequel is moving forward.

House of the Dragon is coming to HBO.

It can be safe to say that 'House of the Dragon' will follow George RR Martin's 'Fire & Blood' novel.


The book follows the Targaryens, following multiple generations.

But how will that be done on the show?


Who knows.

It can start at the beginning of the Targaryen dynasty, or start with Daenerys' father and end with her birth.

We can also assume, that depending the timeline, we will see some other familiar houses.


The Starks and the Lannisters are two very likely contenders.

How excited are you about this?


Will you be watching the show? Or will you take a step back from dragons and wars?

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