The Best Wines To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Are you planning on enjoying a little Pinot Noir ce soir? There's no need to put down the candy. In fact, these wines will pair beautifully with your favorite Halloween loot. Just don't blame us if you end up battling a massive sugar hangover.

We go hurrah for Syrah!

The deep, rich and slightly oaky profile of Syrah makes it the perfect accompaniment to a Snickers bar. Roasted nuts and a hearty red will transport you to happy town.

You'll want to get your fingers all over this one.


That Butterfinger you've been coveting and hiding from your kids? It's the ideal mate to an acidic and not too oaky Chardonnay. Cheers!

Raise a glass to Reisling.

Reisling often errs on the side of sugary-sweet, which makes the tart and saccharine Nerds candy its perfect pairing.

You'll want to pop the bubbly for this one.


Every great outing starts with Prosecco, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your house to enjoy it. Pair a crisp and effervescent sparkling wine with candy corn to smooth out its sweetness.

Here's to Rosé all day.

The crisp pink wine isn't just reserved for lounging by the pool. It's a great companion to fruity and tart Starburst candies.