Apparently 'Ghostbusters' And 'Ferris Bueller' Are From The Same Universe

Oh, I have questions alright, a whole bunch of questions.

Namely: How are they both in the same universe? What is going on? And probably most importantly: why would they decide this?

Well, they've finally done it!


They've finally found the key that fuses the John Hughesiverse together! One clip from one obscure movie seals the deal...

And, with this knowledge, we will finally have the power to take over the world!

So, you know, get ready for "Planet Diply".


But in the meantime, check this out:

In the movie _ She's Having a Baby_, Kevin Bacon's character's wife (who was infertile, to begin with) suddenly finds out that after treatment, she's going to have a baby!

Hence the name, I guess.

The couple is obviously very excited. So, when they decide to pick a baby name, it goes through this big montage of people throwing names at them.

They're sometimes funny, other times weird.

However, if you hadn't noticed...


Ferris Bueller makes an appearance when they say the name "Ferris", wearing the same robe he did in the movie.

Two out of four of the Ghostbusters make an appearance as well.

That must mean the couple has access to all three of them. Which means they must all live in the same universe.