39 Bathrooms That Are Kinda Crazy To Be Honest

Bathrooms: we all need them sometimes. While it might be nicest to go in the comfort of your own home, this isn't always possible. And when you're in an unknown bathroom, you never know what you're going to get.

Thanks, fellow kids.

Reddit | ThE_rEaL_MaTtEo_C

I'm really not sure what's going on here. I think with instructions this unclear, it would be perfectly understandable for someone to misread things and pee all over their Juul.

When themes go too far.

Reddit | Lamaguys

I can appreciate the uniqueness of this bathroom, and can certainly see the aesthetic they're going for. It's just that a regular old sink would have been fine, y'know?

Party stall.

Reddit | MD74

I'm not sure if this is inside a stall or if it's the whole bathroom. All I know is that it has plenty of room for you and your friends to have a big ol' bathroom bash.

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Reddit | madoxster

This bathroom entrance looks nice and clean. The signage is also very clear. It's so nice that you should probably go ahead and give it a Like on Facebook like it's asking you to.


Reddit | SaltedCaramelTurtle

Okay, this one isn't exactly a bathroom, so it doesn't fit as well as others in this list. Still, 'washroom sauce'? I don't know whether to be intrigued or horrified.

Fair enough.

Reddit | Crimsonugget666

Lots of people will see this and think about the inclusivity that it stands for. That's great and all, but I'm way more interested in what's going on in this bathroom on a day to day basis.

You're here for one thing only.

Reddit | 6packobeer

Like the previous sign, this hints at the strange mysteries that might lurk behind the door. In this case, unfortunately, all the fun stuff appears to be strictly prohibited.

Toilets of the world.

Reddit | karpet_overkill

Everyone knows that the size, shape and overall design of toilets can vary widely from country to country. I wonder what planet this elongated toilet can be found on.


Reddit | shakaalakaaaa

The placement of this sign is either tragically unfortunate or subversively hilarious. It just goes to show you that one person's bowl is another person's...toilet, I suppose.

That escalated fast.

Reddit | Woodworker21

Judging by the X's, this sign doesn't want you to unroll so much that you can make your own mummy costume. But how can they expect people to comply when they make it look so appealing?


Reddit | Yung_Shulk

The thing about public washrooms is this: you know other people have been in them and, yes, probably done things that would violate the Geneva Conventions. You just don't want to be forced to think about it.

Room with a view.

Reddit | thebear031

That actually looks like a super nice bathroom, complete with a great shower. The window placement is a little bit questionable, but then again, if it wasn't there you wouldn't be able to see what a nice bathroom it is.

The plot thickens.

Reddit | mantassink

QR codes are a sneaky way to convey information to curious people. I'm not sure if this is a form of protest against limited TP supplies, or an employer trying to get people to cut back.

I will do so gracefully.

Reddit | Momriguez

"I am a mother to three boys and saw this on a translated to an English sign once," wrote the original poster. "I decided I needed these words in our bathroom as well."

Just try it on 00 Agent difficulty.

Reddit | ACDCrocks14

Maybe I'm dating myself here, but when I see a stall with this, I'll never use it for the fear that 007 himself will shoot me as I sit on the can.

Seems reasonable.

Reddit | Bouchiman

I'm not here to shame anyone else for the way that they poop, but I think asking guests not to do so in the manner seen on the right is a fair request.

Even though it rarely turns out well, I can at least understand why people would want to turn toilets and urinals into cartoon characters.

Reddit | PowerOfYes

That said, the appeal of building an unnerving statue of some guy who's stuck in the wall is totally lost on me.

Who asked for this real-life jump scare?

Whoever put the bucket-themed urinals into this pub's bathroom got a little too creative for their own good.

Reddit | janesy24

Not only is it a less than comfortable way to pee, but that drain isn't even at the bottom of the bucket.

So yes, that means there's a collection of pee underneath it from those who didn't aim absolutely perfectly. Insane.

While the wheels may enhance this stall's portability, they also seem very easy for pranksters to abuse.

Reddit | goatsandboats3000

After all, if someone decides to leave you in an unfamiliar area while you're indisposed, it's not like there's much you can do about it.

Decorating a toilet seat isn't generally a great idea at the best of times, but this is just wrong.

Reddit | NickdelphoX

It's already almost impossible to get glitter off our bodies.

That goes double for a place we can't even see unless we awkwardly contort ourselves in front of a mirror.

On paper, an additive that improves the scent of urinals and charges color doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

Reddit | Magic_Vibrations

However, it's probably best to steer clear of reddish colors since they tend to make it look like the user is peeing blood.

The uploader was seriously worried they had cancer at first.

While everything in this bathroom seems to work and gives the right amount of privacy, it's still a little weird.

Reddit | Arcanine_Boi

I'm no architect, but it seems like there was enough room here for at least two bathrooms if we want to keep them unisex.

OK, we've seen a couple of these by now, but it floors me every time.

Reddit | BrianPhares

How do people still not realize that bathrooms are supposed to be private?

That multi-window design may look cute when used for other rooms, but those thin strips between the panes don't cover nearly enough.

Still, I suppose that these overly transparent bathroom designs could be worse.

Reddit | JehBa

They may ensure that everyone in the house can see you, but this one seems designed to show the whole neighborhood your most private moments.

There's a chance that it's designed to go opaque once the light is turned on, but that design is also supposed to be very expensive. It just doesn't seem worth it.

This sign turned out to be very important, which means that anyone who can't understand it is out of luck.

Reddit | denob

It's our natural instinct to lock the door once we enter a bathroom, but this sign apparently warns not to do that because the lock just traps people inside.

This uploader visiting China had to yell and knock for a while before someone else heard them and summoned a maintenance worker to get them out.

While I can kind of appreciate the idea of turning a toilet into a literal throne, it doesn't really work in practice.

Reddit | jpurvisturton

We may not think too hard about where we put our feet while we're on the John, but it's impossible not to become all too aware of them while using this one.

Speaking of feet, it looks like it would take some serious talent with them to use this toilet effectively.

Reddit | BirbSMB

Unless you happen to be an NBA all-star, the toilet paper in this bathroom will remain frustratingly out of reach.

Whether or not you like open concept offices, it's easy to agree that this design choice should be limited to those environments.

Reddit | rubygrenade

After all, not only is an open concept bathroom a privacy nightmare, but it seems unlikely that our roommates would be too keen on smelling our business here.

Uh oh, looks like somebody ordered one more toilet than they actually had any room for.

Reddit | howardkinsd

I guess the only advantage is that it probably needs to be cleaned the least. After all, nobody besides the desperate or somebody making a very weird power move would dream of using it.

They almost got this bathroom right, but you might notice something if you look in the mirror.

Reddit | reddideddi

I always thought the point of them was to see ourselves, but whoever put this one in obviously thought a mirror is simply a means of admiring paper towel dispensers.

It seems pretty difficult for a bathroom to give somebody motion sickness, but this one might actually do it.

Reddit | FlameGod75

It seems impossible to do something like this by accident, so I really need to know what the designer was going for here.

This is hardly the worst design choice on this list, but it still seems a little too tight.

Reddit | bumdiddydum

I can only imagine the kind of awkward do-si-do that results when someone needs to pee right as someone is finishing up in the stall.

If you aren't the type to close the lid after using a toilet, this bathroom only has a world of confusion for you.

Reddit | Ignatz_42

Yeah, it turns out that the weirdly small button to flush is hidden behind there, so you end up having to solve a little puzzle to ensure the next user doesn't hate you.

Somebody had to go to a lot of trouble to give this stall the exact wrong door.

Reddit | Thund3rfr0g

"Um, shouldn't go with something that makes it a little harder to see the person inside."

"Eh, just put a bunch of white lines all over it, it'll be fine."

Ah, yes. I'm all too familiar with the pain of printing something off only to realize you left your cursor in the wrong spot.

Reddit | tficc

Well, at least this sign is still telling people to flush the toilet. It's just doing it in a pretty weird way now.

Like a soothing balm.

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm all for a nice gentle, restful washroom. Thing is, it implies that there's another washroom that isn't gentle at all. I don't want to wind up in a violent washroom.

Stock images are the best.

Reddit | Gcons24

Considering most guys use urinals while staring unblinkingly into the wall directly in front of their face, seeing these pics would be absolutely unnerving. I might just use the stall.

Instructions unclear.

Reddit | weeping__angel

I can imagine this sticker being put on by a business owner who has to comply with changing table regulations, but really doesn't want anybody ever using said table.


Reddit | zubaba

Bathroom signs can't work miracles. They can't do anything about your appearance or overall personality. What they can do, though, is tell you that your fly might be down.