The Final Season Of 'Lucifer' Will Be Split Into Two Parts

Unfortunately, Lucifer is coming to an end, but they are definitely going out with a huge bang.

The show is getting a huge last season on Netflix, complete with a '40s musical episode, and now, the entire show will be split in two parts.

The final season was going to be ten episodes, originally.


But Netflix ended up extending it for another six episodes, due to the fans freaking out that the show was even ending.

So now, we will be getting 16 episodes rather than the normal FOX 22.


But the show itself will be split into two parts, probably eight episodes at a time.

We don't know how long the hiatus will be between the two parts.


But we're sure Netflix won't make us wait that long.

That would be pure torture.

Here is the confirmation from Lucifer himself.

How excited are you for the new season? What do you think will happen?

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