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Jason Momoa Showed Off His Nipple Piercings On 'SNL'

Jason Momoa fans are absolutely losing their minds over this recent discovery, as seen on Saturday Night Live:

He has pierced nipples.

That's right — not just one pierced nipple. They are both pierced.

Jason Momoa showed off his nipple piercings on "SNL" and the internet is not okay — myself included.

But to be fair, it's Jason Momoa, and basically, everything he does makes him hotter.

The skit was amazing. Obviously.

Does SNL ever let us down? The answer is no. They are literally always hilarious, and last week's episode was no exception.

Here's the gist of what happened:

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Chance the Rapper plays Judge Barry in a people's courtroom setting, handing out guilty verdicts based on zany appearances.

From Alex Moffat and his weird puppet to Chris Redd's wild hairdo, Judge Barry was not having any of it.

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But just when we thought things couldn't get any more hilarious, Jason Momoa made a surprise appearance...

He struts into the courtroom wearing a button-down, leopard print shirt — somehow, really pulling off the eccentric-gigolo-look.

The plaintiff, an elderly woman named Gladys Feldman, played by Kate McKinnon, was suing Jason, her live-in nurse, for stealing from her.

First of all, I'd like to point out that Gladys has excellent taste in nurses...

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I don't exactly need a live-in nurse just yet, but mark my words — when I do, I hope I also hire someone as good looking as Jason Momoa.

I digress!

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Jason fires back at the accusations, saying: "She stole from me first!"

"Oh really? What did she steal?," Judge Barry asked.

"My heart," Jason responds.

Gladys then accuses of Jason of not only stealing money from her, but also a pair of chandelier earrings that had been in her family for generations.

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"Sir, do you have this woman's earrings too?," Judge Barry asked.

Just then, Jason single-handedly served us the most intense plot-twist we've ever witnessed on television.

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He busted open his leopard-print shirt, revealing the aforementioned chandelier earrings dangling off of his nipples.

"Wait, these?," Jason asked, as he bounced up and down, shaking the earrings in front of the courtroom.

Inadvertently turning every viewer into a swooning puddle of a person.

He posted about his "SNL" experience on Instagram:

"I LOVE @nbcsnl watch tonight @chancetherapper is amazing. Love u cast and crew forever so stoked to be invited back. Aloha j," he wrote, along with some BTS videos and photos.

Twitter obviously had some priceless reactions to Jason's nipples making a cameo appearance on "SNL".

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This fan's reaction is the general consensus.

Jason and his nipple rings are the only thing I wanna see on my TV going forward, please and thank you.

Although Jason's nipple rings were not the hosts of the episode, they may as well have been because it's all anyone can remember.

It's no secret. Those nipple piercings were the stars of the show.

I never realized how impactful Jason Momoa's body piercings would be on my life. It is kind of alarming, TBH.

So. Much. To. Think. About.

What did you think of Jason Momoa's surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend?

More specifically, what did you think of Jason's nipple piercings?

Sound off in the comments below!