5+ Major Transformations From 'My 600-lb Life' Over The Years

Today, we're going to look at some major success stories from My 600 Pound Life.

Yes, it's all about positivity here today, so leave that cynical rear end at the door, please!

Have you ever wondered...


What happened to the people who were once on My 600 Pound Life?

Ever wished you could read a "where are they now" article? Well, we've got you covered, compadre!

1. Melissa Morris (THEN)


She was the first person ever to appear on the show, and she set the precedent for the way that the show would develop.

Melissa Morris (NOW)

She achieved her dream of having children, giving birth to Allona on May 1, 2010.

Also, she's had three kids in total! Just awesome!

2. Zsalynn Whitworth (THEN)


She had a hard time when she was bigger. Her manipulative husband prioritized his fetish over her health.

He was totally unsupportive and obviously didn't care if she died due to her weight.

Zsalynn Whitworth (NOW)


The couple has gotten a divorce (thank goodness) and the only contact they have is through their daughter, who they share joint custody of.

Besides that, she's been living her best life!

3. Paula Jones (THEN)


She had one of the saddest episodes of My 600 Pound Life.

She feared that her preteen daughter would become like her, and that was heartbreaking for everyone watching. Everyone.

Paula Jones (NOW)

She's lost over 400 pounds, and is an advocate for healthy living!

She's sharing her weight loss story with the world in order to motivate people.

4. Amber Rachdi (THEN)

In Touch

Rachdi apparently had a hard time on the show.

She said:

"They ran late, reshot difficult to replicate scenes, and really sort of acted like bullies."

They were not nice to her at all.

Amber Rachdi (NOW)

But her bad treatment on the show hasn't stopped her from becoming a social media star! She posts on her Instagram, constantly showing off really cute haircuts and makeup!

You go, girl!

5. Joe Wexler (THEN)


It was Season 3 where we met Joe Wexler, who weighed 800 pounds.

He got surgery from Dr. Now, and he even went on to lose 140 pounds by himself.

Joe Wexler (NOW)


After the show, he went on to lose another 500 pounds. Wow!

He also recently got married to a woman named Sarah and is now helping to raise her daughter.

6. Laura Perez (THEN)


Laura used to have a husband, named Joey, who would put down her dreams.

During the episode, they were facing a lot of issues, and they all weren't just marital.

Laura Perez (NOW)

Facebook | Laura Perez

Since then, she's left him.

She's met a new man who supports her dreams and ambitions. And really, that's all that matters.

7. Charity Pierce (THEN)


During this episode, Charity went through a litany of surgeries.

She even got a huge 57-pound tumor removed during one of them. Thanks for that, Dr. Now!

Charity Pierce (NOW)


Now, she's looking a lot happier.

Sure, her daughter struggles with some weight problems, but Charity is there to help her all the way. She also enjoys donating to the homeless!

8. Nikki Webster


Nikki was unbelievably depressed because of her weight.

During her episode, you could almost feel her sadness seeping through the screen.

Nikki Webster (NOW)


Since the show, she's gotten married and best of all: she's been able to shop for pants for the first time in years!

When she slipped them on, she said she had never felt happier.

9. Brittani Fulfer


Brittani, like many others on the show, was married to a man who loved larger women.

However, she had a lot of trouble contributing to her marriage, considering her size and weight.

Brittani Fulfer (NOW)

Twitter | @BrittaniFulfer

Since the show, she's done so much living.

She went to see her favorite band: Third Eye Blind live, something she could have never done with the weight she had on.

10. Milla Clark


When she came on the show, she was 751 pounds.

She couldn't leave her bed, and she relied on her children for even the most basic of hygiene.

Milla Clark (NOW)


Now look at her! She's lost about 600 pounds, one of the biggest weight-loss accomplishments the show has ever seen!

She's now all over Instagram, sharing her love of walking and healthy living!

11. Ashley Dunn Bratcher


When she appeared on the show, she was very ashamed of her life.

She relied so much on her young son Patrick to help around the house, and she hated it.

Ashley Dunn Bratcher (NOW)


But now she can be the mom she's always wanted to be!

She and her husband are still going strong too, and just celebrated their ten year anniversary this year!

12. Chay Guillory


Things haven't been easy for Chay.

Not only did she have to overcome almost insurmountable odds losing all that weight, but she also had the courage to reveal something about herself.

Chay Guillory (NOW)

Twitter | @ChayGuillory

Chay has come out and revealed that she's a transgender woman.

In her follow up episode, we found out she was getting close to her 180-pound goal, and then she'd be ready for gender reassignment surgery.

13. Bettie Jo Elmore


Even since being on the show, Bettie has faced a lot of issues.

In her follow up episode, it was found that she had a growth on the base of her spine.

Bettie Jo Elmore (NOW)

Twitter | @BettieJoElmore

It should've been an easy procedure to get it removed, but surgery wasn't an option for Bettie Jo because get this– she was pregnant!

Don't worry, everything went smoothly and she and her husband welcomed a baby boy in 2016.

14. Nicole Lewis


Nicole had faced a lot of trauma in her life.

However, she put in work and now, she feels a whole lot healthier than she did before!

Nicole Lewis (NOW)


This is her now.

Don't let the crying fool you, she's very happy to have put off a lot of weight. So far, she's lost a total of 326 pounds!

15. June McCamey


We all know that the reason June had been eating so much was out of grief.

Prior to her weight gain, she had lost a son (Mack) to gun violence.

June McCamey (NOW)


But the pain didn't stop there: in her follow up episode she had been grieving again, thanks to the loss of her other son Kenneth.

But, she's still been able to keep some weight off and even got married.