Jon Bernthal Wants To Bring The Punisher Into The MCU

Oh, now wouldn't that be interesting.

The brutal and dark Punisher alongside these cartoony heroes... Well, I guess it would be a lot like in the comics, now wouldn't it?

The MCU is pretty light and fluffy, as far as the movies come.


Sure, there's some death and occasional straight-up murder (thanks for that, Black Panther) but besides that, they're pretty PG affairs.

Considering they're mostly for kids, that doesn't really come as that much of a surprise.

But then there's the Marvel TV Shows.


The ones that used to be on Netflix, especially The Punisher.

They're dark, gritty and violent. They are definitely not for kids.

Well, now that Disney has reclaimed them, there is some potential for a crossover of movies and TV shows.

And Jon Bernthal, the guy who plays Frank Castle, is all for that.


But in his opinion, it needs to be done right.

He said:

"It's all about Frank. He needs to be portrayed in a very certain way, in my opinion, and he means so much to so many people in the comic book community, and the law enforcement community, and the military community.

And he really doesn't want to lose the character either.


"I love Frank, too. I really don't have any desire to move off of him."

He would be an amazing contribution to the MCU, so hopefully, this pans out!