Marvel Fans Want Jeremy Renner To Be Replaced As Hawkeye

Sorry Jeremy, but it looks as if your stint as Hawkeye may be coming to an end.

Well, that will be the case if the fans have anything to say about it. The fans are unhappy with some of the things he's done, so they're calling for a recast.

Ah, Disney. 2019 was an interesting year for them.

They had a bunch of remakes that were not only good to watch, but also made tons of money.

They also bought Fox, which made everyone feel a little more under their control.

And then of course, there was Marvel.


Oh yes! They made all the money in the world with Endgame, which was of course pretty big for Disney.

Now we'll just have to wait for Avatar 2 to break their record.

But until Avatar 2 comes out, Disney has tons of other things in store for us.

Namely Disney+, the new streaming service associated with the little billion-dollar global conglomerate. But that doesn't mean it'll be a success.

After all, have you seen how much money Netflix loses every year?

Well, it helps if you made all the money in the world already.


And you have a bunch of deliciously lucrative Marvel properties you can make into streaming shows.

And you better believe they're going to be doing a whole lot of that.

There have already been a couple that have been announced.

Most notably are WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon and The Winter Solider.

It's going to be huge for Marvel fans.

Marvel and Disney have been keeping a lot of their info on these shows to themselves, but we do know a little!

In fact, Falcon & The Winter Soldier has already started filming.

There are tons of fan theories about all three shows.

But until we get any actual full-length trailer of each individual show, it might be difficult to come up with theories.

Luckily, at the 2020 Super Bowl we got a short mashup of all three major shows in a trailer!

Needless to say, fans lost their minds when it was released, as it made them even more excited for the shows.

But there's one show that fans are divided on, for a lot of reasons.

That would be the Hawkeye show that is also slated to come out on Disney+.

There has been some controversy surrounding Hawkeye himself, also occasionally known as Jeremy Renner.


And the controversy might be what costs him his Marvel job.

Here's the backstory:


Recently, he and his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, have been in a custody battle over their daughter, Ava.

Both of them want sole custody, and if the allegations made by Pacheco are true, she might get full custody.

She is accusing Jeremy Renner of abuse.

Not only abuse, but apparently he has a drug problem as well.

Well, we all know how much Disney loves controversies. Sources have been saying that Disney might just replace Renner as the titular character.

And that's not all, Hawk fans.

He may have actually threatened to end his wife's life as well.

None of this is sounding good for Jeremy Renner, whether it be for his career or for his family life.

However, we need to take everything with a grain of salt.


Keep in mind these are only allegations, and nothing has been proven yet.

There is still a court battle, so let's not go calling for him to be replaced until we have all the facts.

Of course, people aren't waiting. They want him replaced ASAP.

In the comics, Hawkeye is canonically deaf, so it would make sense for him to be deaf in the MCU.

And if Disney is dying to make a change, well...

This might just be the right one.


They can avoid the controversy that might follow Mr. Renner, and gain some major points in the area of progressiveness.

But who could play deaf Hawkeye?

Well, deaf actor Nyle DiMarco has been barking up that tree since the first Avengers movie.

And honestly, he looks pretty darn good. Maybe he could play Hawkeye...

But for now, folks, we need to wait.


Because all of these are just rumors.

Disney has made no official statement on Jeremy Renner or these allegations that his ex-wife is making.

But one thing is for sure: a major decision will have to be made concerning the character.

The character has a large fanbase thanks to the comic books, so people are waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

What do you think?

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Do you think he should be replaced? Is Jeremy Renner irreplaceable?

Or should we wait to see how this all plays out before making any rash decisions?

Whatever you decide, make sure to tell Disney.