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Fans Are Praising Jinger Duggar's Family Picture On Instagram

19 Kids And Counting star, Jinger [Duggar] Vuolo, posted a pic of her and her family on Instagram and fans can't help but notice one shining detail...

Jinger Duggar, AKA Jinger Vuolo, posted a photo of her and her family on Instagram and fans are all saying the same thing.

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There is one particular detail in the photo that seems to have caught everybody's attention.

It's no secret that the Duggar family has some strict policies.


If you've ever seen 19 Kids And Counting, you're probably familiar with the fact that the Duggars have a pretty extensive list of rules they have to follow.

They are devout independent Baptists.

The Spec

Their father, Jim Bob, must approve of all courtships.

He isn't your average over-protective father.

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If he doesn't approve of the relationship, then there's no chance it's happening.

The Duggar women are required to give their husbands whatever they want.

Gospel Herald

The mom, Michelle, said: "You always need to be available when he calls," regarding the role of a Duggar wife.

The children are not allowed to speak to anyone who has had sex outside of marriage.

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Yep, you read that right!

The Duggars are very adamant that sex shouldn't be had before marriage.

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They take this rule to particular extremes, forbidding their children from socializing with anybody that they can prove has had sex out of wedlock.

All dates must be chaperoned.


None of the 19 children, no matter their age, are allowed to go on a date without supervision.

If neither of the parents can chaperone the date, the responsibility falls on one of their siblings.

They are not allowed to have social media until they are engaged.


This is Jim Bob and Michelle's way of protecting their children from any outside temptations that the internet may offer.

Which brings us to the most important rule: The Duggar women must dress modestly.

Shorts and pants are forbidden, and the dresses and skirts must, of course, be relatively conservative.

That being said, tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, and sleeveless tops are all also prohibited.

InTouch Weekly

Because if we learned anything from our middle school's dress code, it's that apparently, shoulders are the most erotic body part!

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So, anyway, fans have all taken notice that in Jinger's latest Instagram pic, she is wearing a sleeveless shirt — and by the looks of it, possibly pants as well.

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And they are proud of her for bending her family's strict rules on what women are allowed to wear — it is 2019, after all!

This fan thanked Jinger for dressing her own way, setting an example for other women that come from families like hers.

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She's living her best life!

Other fans were just happy to see her enjoying herself and not worrying so much about her family's dress code.

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She's at Universal Studios — may as well live a little, right?

This person is cheering Jinger on for showing off her shoulders for once.

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It's 2019! There's no shame in the exposed shoulder game!


The young family's recent move to California probably eased Jinger into the change!

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California girls we're unforgettable!

Another fan chimed in, telling Jinger that nobody should get to dictate what she wears besides herself.

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@grunwaldcharlene makes a pretty great point!

One of life's simple pleasures is getting to be your own stylist.

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And we love that Jinger is experiencing that for herself now!

Kudos to Jinger Vuolo for wearing what she wants to wear instead of what her father wants her to wear.

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Let us know what you think of Jinger's latest Instagram pic!