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17+ Unsettling Pics That Get Scarier The Longer You Look

Humanity has a weird obsession with being creeped out that has existed for as long as people have been able to spread unsubstantiated weird stories across the internet accompanied by strange images.

The internet is rife with creepy and unsettling images that people love to share in an attempt to win the crown of creepiness (which I imagine would be made out of spider's legs or something).

So, with that in mind, please find in this envelope surreptitiously slid along a park bench, 17+ unsettling pics that get scarier the longer you look.

The Statue Of Saint Bartholomew

Reddit | Lowcrbnaman

This statue is on display in Milan. It depicts the Christian martyr St. Bartholomew, who was apparently skinned alive. If you look closely, the robe he is draped in is actually his skin.

Imprint Of A Cross After A Fire

Reddit | tok33

If you look closely, you can see that there is actually also a handprint from someone who was clutching at the cross while the fire raged. A very unsettling image. This image was also apparently taken by a member of the fire department after the blaze.

"Meat grinder + your arm = scary x-ray"

Reddit | stw2011

Well, if anyone was unsure why they call it a meat grinder, this is the photo to show them. How do you even go about fixing that?

"Capela dos Ossos in Faro, Portugal (Chapel of bones)"

Reddit | Soul9uard

Chapel of Bones is quite self explanatory really, still truly eerie though; and, the closer longer you stare, the extent to just how many people have contributed to this becomes staggering. At the door, there is an inscription which reads, "Stop here and consider, that you will reach this state too."

"Step-Dad found this in the river while fishing with friends"

Reddit | ShockTopMat

Apparently the man contacted the police who took the leg away, but can you imagine pulling up that thing out of the water? The trainers don't even look that old!

Mummified Fetus

Reddit | b_dubb_

Whenever I see stuff like this I constantly hear Brendan Fraser's voice screaming at me to run, with his wonderful hair — I'm a big fan of Brendan Fraser, leave me alone!

"Creepy artificial cadaver"

Reddit | NiceTryNSA

Why on Earth does it have that goofy yet terrifying expression on its face? They've made it look like it has been drugged up on acid!

"Aftermath of cordyceps infecting a fly."

Reddit | Speedymcbacon

Nature is an unforgiving and terrifying place sometimes. Although, thank God that when it is, it's aesthetic as hell!

"Ram stabbed and killed by its own horn"

Reddit | Qirott

One of perhaps the most hideous ones on the list in my opinion. There's something so haunting about its expression.

"Gas mask for children, supposed to represent Mickey Mouse"

Reddit | Kato_Tozier

Well, I know what I'll be having nightmare's about tonight! Let's just be thankful they didn't use this in the Empty Child episode of Doctor Who.

The Creepiest House On The Street

Reddit | skibblez_n_zits

It's almost like they're trying to hide something! The Wile E Coyote hanging apparently by its neck in the top left window is my least favorite. What's your least favorite beloved childhood toy in this terrifying image? Let me know in truly unsettling detail in the comments below!

"A priest playing with a mummified skeleton near Venzone Italy"

Reddit | Scoobysnacks098765

This is so wildly unpleasant. I can't make the priest joke that I want to make as I feel like I'll get in trouble, so I'll just let you fill in your own Catholic priest jokes here.

"Gas masks on the floor of a school in Pripyat inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, Ukraine."

Reddit | KoiMasterFlex

Okay, this is the second one involving gas masks, but I've been absolutely terrified of them for as long as I can remember, and this kind of thing is why! Whenever you see a gas mask in something, nothing good is going to happen!

Halloween Twins

Reddit | EllisReviews_

Photographs of these two were actually used in the book "Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children" after they had been found by the author. I just don't understand why one is feeding the other that wire?

"Human Tooth Engagement Ring"

Reddit | GraveMetallum

Imagine giving someone this! You truly are the canine of my smile.

Birthday Boy

Reddit | refders

I do not know what the context is behind this photograph, and I do not want to know either. How could someone take a kid to a place like this for their birthday? Some psychological damage was done in order to get this photo.

"An eerie underwater cave death warning sign."

Reddit | King_Toad

Did they really need to list all of those points? I'd have stopped at "Farther", but the more you read makes you wonder exactly how many dead people are down there!

"Bleeding Tooth Fungus"

Reddit | S0ulHer0

Ahh, a mix of both dentistry and fungus, everyone's two favorite things in the world! It does kind of look like a child's Halloween sweet though don't you think?

"A cast of the arterial system of a 9-month-old baby"

Reddit | VognorCharKing

This is quite fascinating in a morbid sort of way and from a medical standpoint, but the longer you look at it the more it appears like it's going to be appearing in your nightmares tonight!

"The artist that painted this mural put a hanged man in one of the windows."

Reddit | sky_is_the_limit_

How long do you reckon this was up before someone realised this? I bet that artist got an absolutely rinsing from whoever commissioned it as well!