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Disney Is Selling Christmas Crocs Lined With Fluffy Red Fleece

Whether or not you understand the Crocs fad or not, it's just too bad — they're here for a good time and a long time, okay people?

And now that Disney is on the Crocs bandwagon, they really won't by dying out!

People love crocs.

It's a question that is going to accompany us to the grave, and it's going to be an unanswered question plaguing history books in the future.

Pop star extraordinaire Ariana Grande has confidently sported 'em.

Is there anything Ariana wears that doesn't pop off?

VSCO girls proudly stomp around in them.

They're the brand's number one advocates!

Look, even dogs love them!

There is no denying their power.

They're like slippers and shoes mixed into one.

You can also personalize them with accessories they call Jibbitz, so people love how customizable and diverse they are!

Disney loves them too!

Instagram | @apdisneymomma

Disney-obsessed Instagrammer @apdisneymomma recently spotted these holiday-inspired Crocs at Disneyland in California.

They feature a super cute festive print of Magic Kingdom and other Christmas-inspired scenes, and they also include a Mickey Christmas wreath Jibbitz.

They're also lined with a super cozy bright red fleece, so it's really like a slipper and shoe all in one!

Instagram | @apdisneymomma

You don't need to wear socks with these ones.

People are already getting in the Christmas spirit and scooping them up.

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Even if you don't get Crocs, you can't deny that these are super cute.

Disney's just out here proving again why they're the most magical and happiest place on Earth.

What do you think of these Disney Christmas Crocs? Let us know!

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