Elizabeth Olsen Got The Role Of Scarlet Witch In A Weird Way

Well, if you're going to play a strange character, then there's gonna be a chance you'll have a strange audition. And Scarlet Witch is pretty strange.

I wonder what Benedict Cumberbatch's audition was like...

Diving into the background of the Marvel universe is always so interesting.


Years from now, they're going to be looked at like the Westerns and Horror movies of yesteryear, so it's interesting to hear about history unfolding.

Just as it will be interesting to tell future historians about it.

Whether it be why directors chose certain people, behind-the-scenes stuff...


Or in the case of Scarlet Witch, what her audition was like.

Scarlet Witch has been an interesting addition to the MCU, with her strange magic and her love for a robot guy.

But the way she entered the Marvel universe is even more interesting.


Elizabeth Olsen talks about how she "auditioned" for the role, and it seemed pretty relaxed.

Like, way too relaxed. So relaxed, you wish you could have tea with Joss Whedon more often.

She said about her audition:

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"I didn’t have one. It was just tea with Joss Whedon. He just said, "Look up this character and don’t think about the costumes when you look her up because you’re not gonna look like that."

Pretty cool, right?