A ‘Clueless’ TV Reboot Is Coming But It Won't Follow The Original

Well, it's awesome to hear that we'll be getting even more Clueless, besides just the original movie.

It is a classic, and it's awesome to hear we'll be seeing even more!

We all remember 'Clueless', right?


How could you forget?

It's endlessly quotable, it has one of the best strong female leads in cinema, and above all, it's a cinematic classic that will live in our hearts forever.

Well, 'Clueless' fans, you'll be happy to know it's coming back.


And if you're gearing up to see more of Cher and her priceless antics well...

You may be a little disappointed because this TV reboot isn't actually centered around the blond-haired teen.

It's actually going to be about Dionne, her best friend.



It seems that in this TV series Cher has disappeared, and now Dionne is going to have to step into her shoes as the most popular girl in school.

And those are certainly some big shoes to fill.


We're all excited for a show that has been described as "Mean Girls meets Riverdale" because we like both of those shows!

So we should have no problem getting into this one.