Plot Detail People Missed In 'Joker' Opens Up A Whole New Theory

Oh, boy, do I love fan theories! The excitement of seeing a movie from a new lens never fails to make me feel all tingly inside.

Well, what are we waiting for?

So 'Joker' has been out for some time now.


And it has been subject to much debate, much praise, and a whole bunch of hate.

But overall, people have generally enjoyed the movie. It's gritty, it's weird and most of all, it's the Joker.

And everyone loves The Joker.


But one thing people love more than the Joker is making fan theories, and so obviously this one got one of its very own.

Well, let's see what crazy theory they've come up with now!

It comes to us courtesy of a page called 'The Joker Unleashed'.

Facebook | The Joker Unleashed

Here's the theory:

"Here’s a mind [flip] for y’all. The time in Joker never changes!! So, here’s my new theory. Arthur is in Arkham dreaming everything EVERYTHING UP! AND ITS ALL ONE BIG JOKE THAT NO ONE WOULD UNDERSTAND."

Hm... honestly...


It seems pretty plausible. Why else would it always be the same time? Why else would it be so surreal and awesome?

Well, it wouldn't be a Joker movie without a little mind flipping?