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10+ Horror Movie Villains That Will Haunt Us Forever

You know the drill here, people. These are the best horror movie villains. You know what?

We're going to do a countdown. These are the best villains, the most threatening, the worst to be stuck in a movie with.

14. Chucky


Yeah, he’s got the strength of a man and dolls are super creepy, but it is at the end of the day a doll.

A swift kick to the face by any able-bodied person would get rid of this killer. Still pretty scary though.

13. Jigsaw


Yeah, he’s a doll-like Chucky, but he’s got an actual person behind him.

And kicking this doll wouldn’t get you out of his sick, twisted traps that he’s devised for you. If you wake up to this guy talking to you, you’re going to have a bad time.

12. Samara


It was hard to do Samara dirty like this, considering she is a ghost and probably would be pretty hard to fend off.

But if Scary Movie 3 is any indicator, fighting off a girl wouldn’t be all that hard. Whether she’s a ghost or not.

11. Ghostface


We’re only going to talk about Ghostface from the first Scream, so literally two different teenagers in a costume.

While his stalking may be super creepy, I have experience fending off angry teens and trust me, it’s super easy. Wait, take that part out.

10. Norman Bates


Yeah, he’s got a scary face. Yeah, his hobby of taxidermy is pretty weird. Yeah, he does kill a bunch of people and keep his dead mother in the basement.

But at the end of the day, Norman Bates is just some skinny dude who dresses up like his mom.

9. Hannibal Lecter


Oh, we’re getting into the threatening villains now. This guy is not only scary because he’ll totally kill and eat you, but he will also get into your mind, break it, then kill and eat you.

And I like my mind unbroken, thank you very much.

8. Pinhead & The Cenobites


These guys are just awful. They pull you apart, they take off all your skin, they torture you beyond all belief.

But then again…their promise of pain mixed with pleasure is a little too tempting not to take up.

7. Alien (The Xenomorph)


This villain is super haunting and super threatening, you wouldn't want to be caught dead in an enclosed space with a Xenomorph.

That's the keyword though: you need to go to space to find them.

6. Jaws


Yikes! Sharks sure are scary, and there's nothing in the world scarier than a killer shark.

But much like the alien, it can't get you unless you're out on the ocean.

5. Freddy Krueger


As far as horror villains go, Freddy is kind of overrated. If you're not beating him by pulling him out of your dream and bashing him with a bat, you're beating him by taking his power away.

Still, impressive kill count.

4. Michael Myers


This guy will come into your town, sneak into your house and kill you with a butcher knife.

He's powerful, he's unrelenting, and he's one of the most impressive killers in horror history.

3. Leatherface


If you love maniacs wearing scary masks, then look no further than the insane Leatherface.

He literally wears a person's face as a mask. Oh, and he wields a freaking chainsaw.

2. Jason Voorhees


The king of killers. He's got the highest kill-count of all the killers, he's been to space, Manhattan and will go pretty much anywhere to kill you.

He'd be the most haunting killer if it weren't for...

1. Predator


Yeah, I said it. He's the most horrifying horror movie villain.

Jason gets beat by water. Leatherface and Michael Myers could get beat by machine guns.

Predator on the other hand? Arnie could hardly beat this dude!

Look me in the eye and say you'd face him over any of these other guys.

That's what I thought.