All The Holiday Specials That Are Coming To Netflix

Netflix is coming out with a bunch of feel-good holiday content, and we couldn't be more excited.

Nothing says Christmas like a whole bunch of movies to watch one after the other.

'Holiday in the Wild'


Boom! Out of nowhere, Kate's husband divorces her. So she goes to Africa solo to cry alone in a room in the middle of the Serengeti.

Just kidding, she discovers things about herself and about love.

'Let It Snow'


It's a snowstorm that causes a rift in the lives of several high school seniors.

It'll affect their love lives, their friendships and above all, their futures. It should be a lot of holiday wackiness!

'The Great British Baking Show: Holidays'


This will be the second season of the hit baking show, and I'm excited to see what kind of things they decide to make for the holidays.

I know my pans are greased!



This new animated Santa Claus origin story features such great actors as Rashida Jones, J.K. Simmons, Joan Cusack, Mila Brener, and Jason Schwartzman.

Wow, now that is a voice cast! Sounds awesome!

'The Knight Before Christmas'


Ooh, what a clever little play on words.

Vanessa Hudgens returns in yet another Hallmark movie. This time, she'll be falling in love with a medieval knight who somehow has been transported to the present... or future... or whatever.

'Nailed It! Holiday!'


Once again we're going into the second season of this show.

If you're still into the baking fail ridden show after the first, then you'll love this Christmas themed version of Nailed It!.

'Super Monsters Save Christmas'


This one is for the kids (if the title featuring "save Christmas" didn't tip you off).

The Super Monsters have to help Santa find his missing reindeer or Christmas will be ruined!

'True: Winter Wishes'


Well, I'm about to throw a bunch of words at you that you may not understand:

The Rainbow Kingdom is gearing up for the Winter Wishfest, but suddenly the Forever Frost escapes and True needs to set everything right.

'Holiday Rush'


Alright well, this one oughta be interesting: a single dad loses his radio job right before Christmas.

So, he and his four spoiled kids have to do things a little poorer this year: and find the true reason for the season.

'Merry Happy Whatever'


The story of a dad who struggles to get through Christmas when his daughter brings home a gasp new boyfriend!

Ooh, well, this oughta be full of angst and anti-holiday spirit.

'Sugar Rush Christmas'


Yes, we're entering the world of competitive baking once again. But this time, it's going to be Christmas themed!

Gingerbread houses, sugar cookies and erm... chestnuts roasting on a fire or something?

'Magic For Humans'


Season 2 of Magic for Humans? That's not a holiday movie Jake, you silly moo!

Wrong again, reader! This time, Justin is going to a Santa school to teach kids about the magic... of giving.

'Team Kaylie: Part 2'


Uh oh! Looks like Kaylie is going to have to get a job in this magical Christmas special!

It's for a good cause though, she wants to buy Amber that dollhouse she always wanted.

'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby'


And finally, we end things with yet another installment in the A Christmas Prince franchise.

This time, it's– you guessed it, Christmas in Aldovia and– you guessed it, there's a royal baby on the way!