10+ Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice In 'Halloween'

Sure, it was an indie movie. Sure, it didn't have that big of a budget.

But there were still mistakes, and I wouldn't be a writer on the internet if I didn't nitpick.

1. Michael's Sister's Boyfriend's Hair


It might be a bad place to start, but several sources have told me that no one would be caught dead with that haircut in 1963.

Maybe in the '70s, but not the '60s.

2. The Station Wagon


When Laurie, Annie, and Lynda are walking home from school, you clearly see where the station wagon is parked behind them.

In the next shot, it's a couple of feet up the street.

3. The Sound Of Filing Nails


When Lynda is filing her nails and her boyfriend approaches wearing a sheet and glasses, the sound of her filing her nails stops even though she takes a pause.

Was this to create suspense, perhaps?

4. Annie's Head Placement


In the scene where Michael is carrying Annie into the house, her head is on the left side of his body.

Later we cut back and see that her head is on the right side.

5. All The Cars' License Plates


We know that the movie is set in Haddonfield IL. Right?

Okay, so why is it that all the cars have license plates from California then? Must be a popular tourist destination.

6. The Wet Sidewalk


There is a moment in the movie where Laurie is walking home. Suddenly, between shots, the sidewalk goes from wet to dry.

Clearly, that scene took a whole lot of takes.

7. How Did Bob Get Pinned?


I get it's a movie. I get you're supposed to suspend your disbelief.

But there is no way that a butcher knife was long enough to pierce his body, let alone pin him to a wall.

8. Some Cigarette Smoke


In the scene where Laurie goes to investigate behind a hedge bush, you can see some cigarette smoke bellow in from behind the camera.

Director John Carpenter said he was smoking a little too close to the camera that day.

9. The Huge Fan


No, not you, an actual fan.

In the scene where Laurie stabs Michael with a knitting needle, you can see the fan they were using to make the wind come through the window.

10. The Rain Strikes Again


When Laurie talks to the police officer, it looks as if it's a bright, sunshiny day outside.

Later, when she walks home, the ground looks like it's been raining all day.

11. The Mountains Of Illinois


When Dr. Loomis is talking to someone from the mental institution on a payphone, you can see mountains in the background. Really, there aren't many mountains in Illinois.

There are in California though.

12. An Age Mistake


At the beginning of the movie, they say he's 6 years old.

He spends 15 years in the mental institution. Basic math tells you that he should be 21, right?

However, in the end, credits, he's credited as being 6 and 23.


My question is: where did those 2 years go? Or was he so insane he didn't know his age?

13. Tommy's Pumpkin


When Tommy is carrying home the pumpkin from school, you can see a crack in it that'll make it explode when he drops it.

It's almost as if they wanted it to drop.