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Nyle DiMarco's Sign Language Interpreter Video Had Twitter Talking

Absolute KING Nyle DiMarco posted an amazing video on Twitter, and let me tell you: things took a turn.

The simple video of an amazing ASL interpreter bopping to Beyoncé turned into a whole other situation when someone decided to get smart in the replies.

No worries, though. Nyle had it under control.

So, this is Nyle.

Instagram | @nyledimarco

King Nyle, as I mentioned. He's a whole snack — maybe even a meal — and he's an actor, model, and deaf activist.

He is, as he describes it, "DEAF AF."

He kicked butt on the 22nd season of "Dancing With the Stars."

Instagram | @nyledimarco

And by kicked butt, I mean he friggin' won the whole thing.

When he's not winning reality shows, or acting in shows like Switched at Birth and Station 19, or modeling, he's doing activist work on behalf of the deaf community.

He recently posted a frankly incredible video.

He was at Atlanta Pride, and decided to film the best and most enthusiastic interpreter I've ever seen.

Look at his rhythm! His style! His enthusiasm! We have to decided to stan.

The tweet quickly went viral.

Twitter | @nyledimarco

To date, it's racked up 20k+ retweets and over 100k likes. So yeah, people were really feeling it.

Nyle's obligatory follow-up promo tweet: "i have nothing to promote but drink water first thing in the morning geez"

People absolutely loved him.

And more than one referred to him as "Santa," "Daddy," and, naturally, a bear.

Of course, with every wholesome thing on the internet, someone had to crash the party. Here we go.

Aw man. Come on, Barry.

Twitter | @barry_swift

"Posting this without sound is a crime," wrote "Garbage Wreathe, with [ghost emoji] and [spider emoji]" not know what that means, but to each their own.

So, anyway, you can imagine this tweet didn't go over well.

Nyle was not having it.

Twitter | @NyleDiMarco

Points were made.

"Y'all post videos without captions all the damn time and now you can't handle your own inaccessibility for one hot minute lmao," He clapped back.

Points were definitely made.

Everyone piled on.

Twitter | @hajanjabar

People were loving his response. Their own replies starting racking up numbers, too.

"drag him!!!!! Lmao," one user wrote.

Another replied, "ALL. THE. WAY. TO. HELL."

Damn, tell us how you really feel, Twitter!

Some good discussions cropped up about accessibility.

Twitter | @nick_mostlikely

Nick wrote, "This is such truth [tea emoji] CAPTIONS ARE GOOD FOR EVERYONE!!! I'm no even deaf and it annoys me when there aren't captions."

Adding captions helps those who don't want to —or can't — turn on their sound.

It also clearly helps deaf users!

Some people tried to get smart.

Twitter | @j3ssential

Jess popped up. "Well then where are the captions for the song? Any clue as to give me context for the song he's signing."

I don't think Nyle had time to transcribe the lyrics to Beyoncé's "Get me Bodied," and add them to his video.

Lana pointed out: "learn ASL [party emoji]"

This roast took me OUT.

Twitter | @Isakills

"When you destroy people like that it really ruins the funeral, you know. Now it has to be a closed casket and everything...."

I have to remember this reply for the next time someone gets wrecked on Twitter.

Other people had more optimistic outlooks.

Twitter | @GoTeamWesley

"I love the post! I am not blind or deaf nor do I know much sign language (I know braille) and I find it entertaining NOT knowing the song or hearing the music. I am forced to use my brain & imagination to understand the song he is grooving & signing to! That’s what makes it FUN!"

You go, Janet.

Oh, y'all wanted a twist?

Twitter | @barry_swift

Barry returned to his tweet and decided to right his wrongs.

"Ok folks, I'm taking the L on this one! I messed this up in ways I never could have imagined, which, to be honest, is the reason this tweet is problematic in the first place."

I did not see that coming.

People were impressed.

Twitter | @JMW99TTU

"Holy [expletive], I think you're the first person in the history of twitter to admit you were wrong. I feel your loss on the tweet is a win for humanity. May others learn from this moment."

Barry took it like a champ.

"I accept my dubious stardom," he replied.

And guys, a miracle occurred.

The interpreter himself found the tweet!

His name is David Cowan, and he's a professional interpreter. He's been working Atlanta Pride since 2000, and is a passionate activist.

Give him a follow on Instagram, if you want!