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People Are Joining The Dark Side This Winter With Jet-Black Christmas Trees

There are two kinds of people when it comes to decorating for the seasons. There are those who are purists, following the traditions pretty strictly. And then there are those who don't completely say, "Forget tradition!" but they certainly do things by their own rules.

That mentality has created a lot of cool trends, and jet-black Christmas trees are a perfect example.

We've seen many different kinds of seasonal trends throughout the years.

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For example, many people now opt for faux Christmas trees that last many years and don't create a pine needle mess in your living room.

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It used to be that an evergreen tree was the symbol of Christmas in the home.

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Now, families are opting for trees that keep the spirit of Christmas alive, but reflect their personal tastes and unique style better.

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This is also thanks to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram that nourish people's creativity and often produce viral posts, sending trends soaring at lightning speed.

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People have gotten pretty creative with their faux Christmas trees, turning them into unicorns, decking them out in faux sunflowers, or choosing rainbow-patterned Christmas trees.

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Faux Christmas trees mean that companies can create many different kinds of Christmas trees, like these jet-black ones.

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And people have been absolutely loving this trend, to some others' dismay.

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You'll have to tweak your idea of what a Christmas tree should look like in your head, but once you do that, you see how stunning these trees really are.

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If ornaments are your pride and joy, these trees definitely let them take center stage!

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These trees are also super bold and command one's full attention.

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So, you can guarantee that they will definitely be a conversation piece in your home!

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If green and red isn't really your thing, a black tree is perfect for a sleek monochromatic look.

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With some cool twinkle lights, the tree looks like a night sky with shining stars!

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Of course, it's also the perfect 'Nightmare Before Christmas' prop.

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It's definitely Pumpkin King-approved!

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Is this a new style you'd consider giving a try?

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If so and you don't know where to start, you can find them on Amazon, with many priced at $50 or less. Not bad!

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