'Raven's Home' Renewed For Fourth Season

In case any of you parents were wondering about whether or not your kids would continue to be happy with this show, you can now rest.

The hilarious comedy show is continuing on Disney.

'Raven's Home' is not just for children, it's for all of us who fell in love with the show 'That's So Raven'.


The show made us clutch our stomachs with laughter.

'Raven's Home' revolves around Raven Baxter.


Who, as you know, can see the future.

In the new show, she has two children named Booker and Nia.

And Booker actually has the same psychic abilities as she does!


To make everything even more hilarious, Raven's friend Chelsea and her son, live with Raven.

We all love Chelsea.

Are you excited about this renewal?

Or do you think that the show has already gone on a little too long?

Let us know below in the comments!