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Japan's 'Meow Meow Shrine' Is Full Of Adorable Cat Monks

Japan is a country so rich in culture, history, and exquisite landscapes, it's really no wonder why more and more people are packing their bags and flocking to the Asian nation to pay it a visit.

A trip to Japan is especially rewarding if you happen to be a cat-lover. There are endless opportunities for tourists to get up close and personal with some friendly, furry felines. And if you happen to be in the mood to visit a shrine as well as admire some particularly sagacious cats, I think I know just the place for you.

Nyan Nyan Ji (or "Meow Meow Shrine", as it translates to in English), is the perfect spot for cat fanatics to come meet some supremely wise kittens.

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As reported by Bored Panda, this shrine is a tourist hot spot, and I think I know why — it's full of cat monks and cat assistants. The place is crawling with cats, people. And they're basically the ones running the show. With a little help from their owner, of course.

The head monk, Koyuki, loves to interact with her "worshipers" and personally greets the shrine's visitors herself.

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Since it first opened in 2016, the temple has had three cat monks, which sounds like an awfully quick turnover rate to me but perhaps they like to keep things fresh and rotate out their fluffy felines.

After you meet this pawsitively purrfect monk, you can also get acquainted with some of the other cats who call the shrine their home. They include three male cats (Waka, Chin, and Aruji), and three females (Konastu, Chicchi, and Ren).

Beyond interacting with these sweet kittens, there's other things you can do at the shrine during your visit.

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It also doubles as a cafe, so guests can enjoy some appropriately cat-themed drinks and treats while you admire various cat art which you can purchase as souvenirs from the gift shop.

So if you find yourself in Kyoto, Japan, any time soon, might I suggest you pay a visit to this wonderfully fluffy shrine?

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Judging from the pictures of this place's adorable monks, I'm sure it'll be one trip you definitely won't regret.

If you want to learn more about the Meow Meow Shrine, check out their official Instagram page or their Facebook.

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