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39 Adorable Animals Who Are Oh So Very Smol

There are many words for small: little, minuscule, slight, tiny, teensy, etc., but in the world of cute animals one word reigns supreme: smol.

Smol is similar to small, save that smol things are adorable and you just want to squish them with love and kisses.

Smol is when you can't keep your voice from rising an octave and you don't care who sees you freak out at how cute something is.

For example: look how tiny this baby hazel doormouse is!

Reddit | Sargnec

If all mice are small, then this little guy is the very definition of smol. Its nose is almost its entire face!

This chair belongs to the smol bird now.

Reddit | Mothmans_

Please find another place to sit until the smol bird decides to move on. Hopefully, it won't leave a tiny poop behind.

Kittens are almost always smol.

Reddit | Likeat

There would have to be something very weird about a kitten for it to not fall under the definition of smol.

Ditto for doggos that are barely larger than a can of beans.

Reddit | little_tacogirl

A can of beans!

Just make sure that if you want a smol pupper of your own, you find a reputable breeder.

The chameleon of Madagascar is one of the tiniest vertebrates in the world.

Reddit | moksah822

Turns out that such a record also correlates with being one of the cutest vertebrates in the world.

Baby tortoises may be smol, but they have big yawns.

Reddit | spongespatula

This little guy is only a day old.

Did you yawn just seeing this pic? I did.

Even tiny danger noodles can be smol.

Reddit | iamthevash

Though I probably wouldn't try to cuddle them the way I might a puppy.

This little pink robin looks like you don't want to mess with it.

Reddit | Nilsneo

I didn't believe this was real at first, but I was wrong. Pink robins are native to northern Australia and make the red-breasted robins local to me seem plain.

Hummingbirds aren't very big, but their babies are smol.

Reddit | Heart-Bubbles

This baby is drinking the sweet juice from a raspberry and is looking really darn cute doing so.

Look! It's a smol dragon!

Reddit | TheXeran

Okay fine, this is actually a Texas horned lizard, but it totally looks like a smol rock dragon, doesn't it?

That face is so precious!

Reddit | EtherLuke

Imagine a dandelion puff and how small it is. Now use that for context on how freaking smol this guy is.

Remember what I said about your voice raising an octave?

Reddit | jphoto0

Because mine totally did upon seeing this smol potato napping on a smol banana.

Here's your regular reminder of how cute baby donkeys are.

Reddit | radianblack

Smol donkeys are in fact so cute that a single pic just isn't enough to fully appreciate it.

Yes, even octopuses can be smol and cute.

Reddit | username_not_found0

And yet, they still manage to look a little disappointed in you for discovering that fact.

Baby red crabs prove that the size of the eyes is directly correlated with the cuteness factor.

Reddit | Madmacattack5

They look like googly eyes! Can't handle the cute!

"My snuggle buddy," says Redditor Mrs-Mouse

Reddit | Mrs-Mouse

See also: the size of the animal' ears in relation to the rest of them. The bigger, the cuter.

Apparently, a baby toucan's beak is nearly the size of its body.

Reddit | somAussiebloke

And doesn't it look so proud of itself for having a majestic beak? I'd certainly be proud.

This smol potato can't get up on the couch.

Reddit | auspatri

I'm sorry to tell this tiny corgi that while they may grow into a large, solid body, those legs aren't ever going to match up.

Here's another super tiny snake.

Reddit | TheGrapeCthulhu

I believe this is a ring neck and is venomous. However, I think it's safe to say that if it managed to get its tiny fangs into your skin, the effects would be pretty mild.

Even a mantis can be cute.

Reddit | ScarlettMistrix

I mean, they're pretty creepy on the creepy-crawly scale, but when they are so smol, you forget about the whole beheading thing.

Unlucky thirteen has never been so cute.

Reddit | ivereadthings

According to Redditor ivereadthings, "Every year this mama duck brings her babies to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new peeping fluff balls."

Those eyes!

Reddit | jazzy52

The shelter told his new family that they think he's part German Shepherd and part Husky. I can definitely see the husky in that big blue eye.

The tiniest blep from the tiniest kitten.

Reddit | NoellePrit

That little pink tongue is bigger than the kitty's ears! I can't handle this amount of cute!

"He just appeared on my hand from nowhere," says Ocytoxin.

Reddit | Ocytoxin

It's a Mediterranean House Gecko, which is an invasive species in the US, but is too cute to be mad at for that.

Teeniest paw.

Reddit | I_am_beyoncealways

This paw is so tiny that it doesn't have toebeans yet! It does have claws, though, so look out.

The bee hummingbird is the tiniest bird in the world.

Reddit | Sh1fty3yedD0g

As the name suggests, it's barely bigger than an average bee and proves that tinier is always cuter.

This kitten's name is Tic Tac. TIC TAC!

Reddit | mac_is_crack

Even their name is smol! But what's really killing me with this pic is the tiny sweater. Smol animals in smol clothes are too cute for words.

Just another tiny lizard.

Reddit | moosieboot

Besides being cute, I'm fascinated by the idea of house lizards. I live in a place with house centipedes, so I'm kind of jealous of the lizard cuteness.

Okay fine, even spiders can be cute when they're tiny.

Reddit | Warning_Stab

My general rule with spider bros is to say thank you for your service, but please remain where I can't see you and be reminded of your existence in my home.

A smol oink.

Reddit | b12ftw

Grown-up pigs kind of weird me out, but you can't deny the sheer force of adorableness when faced with a piglet.

Even the tail is teeny tiny.

Reddit | PhantomXterior

We see a lot of hands for scale in these pics, but if you've ever seen a maple key, then you know how smol this guy is.

Baby koala is ready for his close-up.

Reddit | CopyX

He looks like he's about to give a very important speech, or maybe recite a bit of Shakespeare.

BB is three month old, but still so smol.

Reddit | LaTouchy

Barely bigger than a human hand and those eyes are peering straight into my soul and taking over my heart.

I know that I shouldn't love these teacup puppies.

Instagram | @rollyteacuppuppies

Breeding dogs this small is highly controversial and can result in a lot of health problems for the pupperinos.

But at the same time: look at it!


My voice reached a point so high that only dogs could hear it when this smol pom fell over...

World's smallest monkey.

Reddit | Dannev

This is a pygmy marmoset. Its average weight is only 100 grams. It is the cutest.

Smol frog is smol.

Reddit | PoojiethePillowPet

According to PoojiethePillowPet, his girlfriend thought she was scooping an insect from the pool, but it was actually this little frog.

"I thought I pulled a tick off my cat but it was just teeny tiny snail," says pizzamonsterrr.

Reddit | pizzamonsterrr

Ticks are gross, but tiny snails are adorable. Definitely the better option, though I still think I'd remove it from my cat and find it a new, safe home.

Redditor scienceyeaux says, "This is the cutest thing I've ever taken a picture of."

Reddit | scienceyeaux

Yep. Story checks out. You will never ever take any cuter picture and should just quit while you're ahead.

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