Two Members Of 'Sons of Anarchy' Are Crossing Over To 'Mayans'

Mayans was created as a spinoff show, once Sons of Anarchy was over, and people saw the massive success of it.

And with the success of the show comes the natural crossover of characters that we know and love from SOA.

Show creator Kurt Sutter had this to say about the crossover:

"I've said from the jump that there would be intersections with not necessarily secondary characters in importance, but characters who existed at least part of the time on the fringe — meaning, other charters, and people like Chucky,"

He continued by saying:


"We get away with that when Happy and Quinn show up because they were people who came to the club later on, and already existed in the fringe before the people we came to know that represent the Sons mythology."

We already know that Chibs is returning, considering he basically stole the show with his appearance.


So you might have missed the brief showing of who else was there.

Montez, Quinn, and the iconic member Happy were all there standing next to him.


How exciting!

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