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Heartbreaking Photo Of Lego Set-Up On Six-Year-Old Boy’s Grave Goes Viral

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when that someone is only young. So, when one young boy's beautiful gravestone was posted online, it touched a lot of hearts.

The quite unique gravestone was found in Stockholm, Sweden.

Unsplash | Anton Darius

The child was far too young to leave this world, at the tender age of six. However, the family found one way to make the young child's final resting place a little more personal.

The heartbreaking gravestone includes a small section of Lego.

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The design of the gravestone itself is beautiful, perfectly blending together innocence and respect, and offering a more personal connection to the child who has tragically been lost.

Since posting the image on Reddit only days ago, the photo has received over 90,000 upvotes and a stream of both positive and sorrowful comments.

The comments were awash with loving thoughts.

Unsplash | Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The internet community quickly flooded the comments with positive messages about the design, and expressing how much the image impacted them. Such of the heart-wrenching comments came in the forms of:

"Feels a lot more humanizing than a typical headstone. You can just imagine the family bringing the latest legos when they visit instead of flowers. Going through the aisles in a toy shop, looking for one that may remind them of something their little one may have liked. Has got to be a tragically lovely way to mourn them".

"Saddest thing I've seen in a while. This makes me cry dad tears".

Some people also took to the comments to share their similar circumstances.

Unsplash | Randy Fath

The internet, when not being used to yell angrily at one another, can be a very useful place for people to connect and share difficult experiences with people who've been through similar hardships. Some comments in this vein were as such:

"As someone who has lost a child, I am grateful that they passed away after only a day and a half of being alive. They had no time to feel pain or to know love."

"A friend of mine who died during 9th grade really was into flying model aircrafts. So as a gravestone he has a propeller with his picture in the middle.

"My brother passed away when he was 8, and we used to take him Bionicals."

Apparently the translation on the tombstone is, "Forever loved and missed".

Reddit | sonjabergstrom

For most of us, it is impossible to imagine the tragedy that this family, and child, must have gone through. Hopefully, this wonderfully personal gravestone will offer them a more tangible connection to the young one they have lost when times get too tough.

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