Neil Patrick Harris Has Been Cast In 'Matrix 4'

We all know and love Neil Patrick Harris. Whether you know him for his amazing voice, or if you just love him because of How I Met Your Mother, chances are that you love him.

And now he's joining a massive franchise.

'The Matrix' is a film beloved by all.


Or at least, people who really like sci-fi and Keanu Reeves.

A fourth film is finally happening, which we've been rejoicing about for quite some time now.

Keanu Reeves will be returning.


After all, what would a Matrix movie be, without the one and only Keanu Reeves?

Nothing good, that's for sure.

But in this already great cast, we are getting another amazing actor!


Neil Patrick Harris will be showing off his superior acting skills in the movie.

But we're not quite sure what he will be doing just yet!

Are you excited to see him in an action role?


Or do you think he's better off in comedy?

Let us know below in the comments!