Dad Shaves Baby's Head As A 'Joke' But People Aren't Laughing

People are wondering if one dad's prank on his partner went too far after it involved shaving their baby's head.

When the video of the prank was shared on Twitter to get people in on the joke, many people found the footage problematic instead of funny.

Like a lot of new moms, Jasmin Aileen Valero was tired and needed to sleep in one morning.

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Jasmin asked her partner, Joshua Luevanoz, to watch their then six-month-old daughter, Jazlyn, while she caught up on her sleep.

When Jasmin woke up, she didn't expect to be greeted by this surprise.

Twitter | @jasmin_valero

A first, she didn't realize anything was different because Jazlyn was wearing a hooded towel.

As soon as the towel, came off, Jasmin's face said it all.

Twitter | @jasmin_valero

She was completely shocked to see the baby's dark hair completely shaved off.

She shared a video of the moment she found out that Joshua had shaved Jazlyn's head on Twitter with the caption, "The one time I ask him to watch her so I can sleep in and..."

The video went viral with many people weighing in on this "prank".

For context, in some cultures babies' heads are shaved because it is said to give them thicker and shinier hair later in life.

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However, Jasmin said she and Joshua had decided against doing it for Jazlyn. That is, until Joshua pulled this prank.

In a follow-up tweet, Jasmin seemed to find the humor in the situation.

"Please excuse my face, that's the last thing I thought he would do," she said in her tweet.

Many people joined Jasmin in laughing at the situation.

Twitter users commented on the video saying that Joshua's prank was hilarious and sending the family positive messages.

However, not everyone thought it was funny.

Some believed that the prank went too far and condemned the video, calling it "child abuse".

Others didn't take issue with the act itself, but rather that Joshua went behind Jasmin's back and against her wishes.

These people thought the real issue at hand was the lack of communication between Jasmin and Joshua.

Since posting the video on Twitter in July, it's racked up 3.9 million views.

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Jasmin maintains that Jazlyn was unharmed by her haircut, but the video has stirred up some intense debates online.

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