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Easy Group Costumes That Will Win Halloween

If you wanna do something different this Halloween, why not get your friends involved? There are so many cool costume ideas that you can get a bunch of your besties to partake in with you. Wouldn't it be so much more fun than doing it all by yourself?

Check out these awesome ideas and get your besties on the phone right now so you can discuss your plan of attack.

1. Spice Girls

This is the ultimate besties group Halloween costume. All your friends can pick their favorite Spice Girl and really go for it. Which one are you gonna be?

2. Mimes

I know mimes aren't that popular these days but can you imagine what kind of stuff you can get away with as one? I can!

3. Ghostbusters

Wow, I had no idea you can make Ghostbusters outfits like this yourself. This is really clever and looks fun too. This is one of my favorite movies.

4. Trolls

Now, I don't know any girl who wants to be called a troll, but when the costume is this colorful and fun, why not? LOL. So cute.

5. Dominos

Ha, ha, ha. Here's another awesome idea that's seriously easy to DIY. And yet, it's so fun to pull off. Again, why haven't I thought of this?

6. Scooby-Doo

These folks look like they know how to joke around., huh?

This shouldn't be too hard to pull off either. A few colorful sweaters should do it.

7. Social Butterflies

Seriously, this couldn't be easier. You should already have a black t-shirt and black pants in your closet.

Now you just need social media icon decals to complete the look.

8. Heathers

Oh, this movie brings back some dark memories.

You may have to get a little bit crafty finding these outfits, but a trip to a vintage store should help.

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Oh my, what a genius idea. I honestly wouldn't have thought of that. Where do people get these awesome ideas from? I feel so dumb now.

10. The Breakfast Club

Speaking of favorite '80s movies, this one is definitely on top of my list. I've always wanted to do this with my buddies. This so cool.

11. The Golden Girls

If you and your friends can pull this one off, I give you major props. Bonus points if you do this with your male friends. LOL!

12. Kiss

Who says only guys can dress up like Kiss? These girls look like they wanna rock'n'roll all night and party every day.

13. M&Ms

This is definitely a super cute, but also really easy, costume idea. All you need are some colorful tees, some matching tutus, and M&M letters. Hee, hee.

14. The Powerpuff Girls

Bring out your inner child when you get your friends on board to dress up as cute and fun Powerpuff Girls. Who's gonna be Blossom?

15. Three Blind Mice

If you're hanging out with a bunch of Shrek fans, this costume is really clever, and so easy to pull off, too.

16. Snow White And The Seven (Millennial) Dwarfs

Take the classic tale up a notch Millennial style. Say hello to Bernie, Selfie, Veggie, Hipstery, Techy, Brunchy, and Lazy. This is so funny.

17. The Olympic Rings

Show your true Olympic spirit when you get your gals to dress up as the Olympic rings with each displaying their own unique personality.

18. Cabin Crew

If you can get your hands on these vintage-inspired flight attendant suits, you'll be able to remake Catch Me If You Can with the best of them.

19. Crayola Crayons

This would be a fantastic idea for teachers to dress up for Halloween and teach their kids all the Crayola crayon colors. Don't you think?

20. Clue

Put your investigative skills to the test when you and your friends embody the characters from Clue and have some fun solving the Halloween murder mystery.

21. The Greatest Showman

Talk about a serious commitment to the Halloween game. This family literally channeled their characters from The Greatest Showman. This is pretty incredible.

22. Mean Girls

Another cult favorite movie to draw some Halloween inspiration from is Mean Girls. Get your friends to pick their beloved character and run with it.

Dang it, these awesome group costume ideas are making me feel so envious.

If only my friends were as cool as these peeps that clearly love dressing up for Halloween.

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