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14+ Adorable Dogs That Are Very Unimpressed With Being In Costume

Amy Pilkington 13 Oct 2019

It's spooky season and while kids are all picking out their costumes and planning trick or treat routes, dog lovers are considering the age-old questions: what should I dress my dog as this year and will it stay on long enough to get pics?

It's the rare doggo that doesn't mind wearing clothes and not a single one of the puppers featured below is one of those.

1. This is Chester. He is dressed as Magnum P.I.

Reddit | redhawtmella

Apparently, he won a medal for this costume and I can see why! That chest hair is spectacular, even if he doesn't seem to understand how good he looks.

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2. "This is udderly embarrassing."

Reddit | r_person

This doggo gives me the impression that this is a regular thing and while they have resigned themselves to it, they refuse to enjoy it.

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3. I feel like there is clearly a treat hovering just off camera. Those eyes are transfixed.

Reddit | Tela99

The body language makes me think that the camera clicked in the second before that dog launched itself at the tasty morsel.

Sometimes, bribery is the only solution for getting a pic.

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4. This doggo is getting into character.

Reddit | RalphiesBoogers

Or they're just really upset at being forced into such a silly costume. You be the judge.

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5. "I only allow this because I love you."

Reddit | apex_editor

A lot of these dogs just seem resigned to their fates. Like, just take the pic so they can start destroying the costume already!

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6. Timon looks okay with things, but Pumbaa is giving us the eyes.

Reddit | cameramanlady

"Please take the picture and then get this thing off of me, mahm."

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7. "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

Reddit | spotlight675

"You're my only hope to be let out of this embarrassing costume."

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8. Not so ferocious dinosaur.

Reddit | badbanananana

The pumpkin is napping nicely, but the triceratops looks like they're just over this whole Halloween thing.

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9. Does it count when it's the costume that makes them look mad?

Facebook | Lowedogs

This doggo seems pretty chill about his Frida Kahlo costume, but the distinctive unibrow makes him look pretty grumpy.

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10. "This is barely a costume, human."

Reddit | effifox

This little guy thinks that cutting holes in a sock and calling him a burglar is a cop-out.

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11. Skinny dogs like greyhounds are usually used to clothing.

Facebook | Lowedogs

Especially in colder climates, they need layers to help stay warm. But this guy seems a bit confused. Maybe it's the extra tail.

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12. Oh no! Not a skunk!

Reddit | nataliess

Yes, that's a possum, not a dog, but can you blame me for wanting to share this slightly confused possum? Look at him!

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13. "How dare you dress me like a cat?!"

Reddit | frankles

Really, this seems like the ultimate insult to any doggo. Even if they get to sport a majestic mane.

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14. "Please take this off..."

Reddit | Roo514

It's funny, because the doggo's patterned fur actually isn't that far off from a lot of old lady fabric prints.

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15. I clearly haven't snuck a cat into this list. It's obviously just a tiny mailman.

Reddit | Masterofcheech

I think getting a costume on a cat is a higher level of difficulty, so the owners here get props for managing to both get it on and take a clear pic.

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16. Your not-so-friendly neighborhood Spider-Dog.

Facebook | Lowedogs

My guess is that this is actually the mask of a human costume and they just couldn't resist seeing it on their dog. Which is totally something I would do.

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17. Would you risk a kiss?

Reddit | DwightCharlieQuint

I don't think I would. Those teeth aren't very inviting.

Though as a DIY costume, this is great!

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18. There's always that one friend that ruins the picture.

Reddit | raisuchan

Yeah, yeah, these corgis are in Christmas costumes, but look at that face!

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19. This one wins for quality and grump.

Facebook | Lowedogs

I've seen a lot of Pennywise costumes — and even multiple dog versions — but this is the best.

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20. Okay, let's end with one happy doggo.

Facebook | Lowedogs

Those ears!

I think it's physically impossible for a golden to look grumpy.

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