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Climate Activist Stages Protest And Glues Himself To Top Of Airplane

If this story had ended any other way, particularly in the way it could very well have ended, it would have "Darwin Award" written all over it.

In an attempt to protest climate change, one passionate activist recently climbed on top of a British Airways plane and glued himself to the craft, refusing to get down and causing quite the chaos on the runway, reported.

Former Paralympic cyclist James Brown is the gent responsible for scaling the side of the airplane on Friday.

The visually impaired athlete, 54, has previously been arrested at Heathrow after he and other activists attempted to fly a drone near the busy airport. And clearly he's not done making trouble for security officials just yet.

Apparently, he had a ticket for the flight and managed to get up on top of the plane from the boarding stairs, then reportedly "glued" himself to the craft.

According to, Brown streamed his protest to Facebook where he said, "This is all about the climate and ecological crisis, we’re protesting against government inaction on climate and ecological breakdown."

He added, "They declare a climate emergency and then do nothing about it."

Security were eventually able to remove the daring protester from his place atop the plane, and an airways spokesperson said they are investigating the incident.

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Brown is a member of the so-called "Extinction Rebellion", a socio-political movement taking place all over the world which sees climate change protesters taking to the streets and using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to protest... well, extinction.

According to National Post, another activist recently disrupted a British Airways plane after attempting to stage a protest mid-flight.

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