10+ Of The Worst Things Raj Ever Did On 'Big Bang Theory'

Yes, there are some pretty bad characters on The Big Bang Theory. They have all also done some pretty bad things.

Let's just take a look at Raj for now.

1. He Apparently Hates Being Called Gay (Part 1)


After finding out he has no prospects for a plus one for Howard's wedding, he decides his best course of action would be to go to his parents for an arranged marriage.

He Apparently Hates Being Called Gay (Part 1) (CONT)


When he goes to them, they think he was going to come out to them as gay, which he vehemently denies.

He says: "If anything, I'm metrosexual. It means I like women as well as their skin-care products.”


2. He Apparently Hates Being Called Gay (Part 2)


So, his parents set him up with this nice young lady named Lakshmi.

On their second date, she tells Raj she wants a sham marriage because she is, in fact, gay.

He Apparently Hates Being Called Gay (Part 2) (CONT)


He, of course, protests vehemently. She then goes on about his soaps, his chocolate lava cake, yadda, yadda, yadda.

What is this show's obsession with Raj being gay? That's like one of the two jokes about him.

3. He Fell In Love With Siri


This is not adorable, The Big Bang Theory fans, this is just sad.

If only Raj could escape that one joke about him, then he wouldn't have to do stuff like this.

4. He Fantasizes About Bernadette


Alright, this is a tricky situation. It's the personal opinion of some people (definitely not me) that it's alright to fantasize about your friend's wife.

It is not alright, however, to fantasize about your friend dying so you can be with their wife.

5. He Took Part In A Ploy To Falsify Sheldon's Data


So the boys are all up at the North Pole doing research when they suddenly come home because Sheldon makes a breakthrough.

Well, turns out it was fake, Raj, Leonard, and Howard just messed with the data so Sheldon would stop being so annoying.

6. When He Made Fun Of Howard's Outfit


So at one point, Howard is wearing this admittedly ridiculous outfit when he says "I want to fit in". A noble cause, and probably a good time for everyone to keep their mouth shut.

But Raj digs into him, saying: "To what? Toy Story?"

Not cool bro.

7. The Time He Made Fun Of Smokey The Bear


This might not top the "worst" moments for you, but you do not diss cultural icons bro.

He and Howard are talking about childhood icons and Howard questions why kids in Raj's country had to be taught not to play with cobras.

Raj asks why kids in Howard's country had to be taught not to burn down forests. That's not the point, Raj!

8. When He Made Leonard Believe He Slept With Penny


This is just a lame thing to do to a friend, especially if that friend has a crush on the person you're lying about.

And it's lame to lie about sleeping with someone!

9. When He Fooled Around With Penny


There is one major rule in the bro code: never hook up with your friend's ex.

And Raj did that... In Leonard's bed! Total lame move, and a shattering of the code.

10. When He Dates Two Separate Women


Sure, Emily ended up being alright with it, but still, it was a lame move to date her and Lucy at the same time.

I know it's a sitcom, but Raj doesn't know that!

11. Honestly, Exist In General


Here's the big issue with Raj: he's a lot like Apu in the way that he is a stereotype.

He is what a white guy thinks an Indian immigrant would be like.

Honestly, Exist In General (CONT)


According to the writers of The Big Bang Theory, Indian immigrants would not be able to talk to women, would be forced into arranged marriages and would automatically be really smart.

Not cool, Tbbt writers.