10+ Of The Worst Things Joey Ever Did On 'Friends'

Yes, while he may seem loveable and harmless, Joey has done some pretty messed up things in the past. We can still like him though, people make mistakes.

Here are a few of those mistakes.

1. The Time He Left A Baby On A Bus


Joey has done a lot of messed up stuff because he wanted to talk to women. However, this instance was one of the worst.

He actually left a baby on a bus to talk to a woman.

2. The Time He Sabotaged Another Actor


There was the time that Joey became an acting teacher, found out one of his students was up for the same role as him and decided to completely sabotage his student.

Unfortunately, the acting directors liked his student more than him, despite his crappy teachings.

3. The Time Joey Was Used


Back in the very first season, Joey fell for this girl named Kate. However, after they had sex, she quickly ditched him. He felt really bad after this, having done that same thing to many women.

However, he doesn't really learn much from that experience, doing it many other times throughout the series.

4. The Time He Pretended To Be A Doctor


Yes, he plays Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days Of Our Lives, but he actually pretended to be a doctor in real life (well, the reality of Friends) to obtain some person's private information.

The Time He Pretended To Be A Doctor (CONT)


Phoebe had a crush on this patient, but she didn't want to go out with him if he had any really bad issues. So Joey offered to pretend to be a doctor in order to gain some info on him.

Highly illegal and pretty immoral.

5. The Time He Walked Down The Hallways Screaming "Hot Girl"


So Joey sees this girl from Monica's apartment. He thinks she's really hot, so he goes into the building next door and...starts to scream "hot girl" while looking for her.

What? How did he think that would work?

6. The Time He Chose A Sandwich Over Ross


Ross, Chandler, and Joey are on a ride-along. BANG! They hear a gunshot and Joey throws himself over Ross, which causes this whole rift in the Joey-Chandler dynamic.

Except he didn't try and save Ross. He was trying to save his meatball sandwich.

7. The Time He Burned A Woman's Leg


To be fair, it was a wooden leg.

Chandler shows the girl that he's interested in, Ginger, to the gang and Joey freaks out. Turns out he slept with her one time and in the middle of the night woke up cold.

He decided to throw something onto the fire that was keeping them warm and... you can see where this is going.

8. The Time He Dated Janine


It's not that she wasn't hot, it wasn't that she wasn't close in proximity, it was that she hated Monica and Chandler.

That was a really bad decision on Joey's part to keep dating her.

9. The Time He Freaked Out At An Awards Show


Kanye West has nothing on Joey Tribiani.

When he lost that Soapy award, he cursed and freaked out on camera. He gave a speech for the winner of the award. He was generally a big baby.

10. The Time He Put Chandler In A Box


So Chandler kisses Kate. Whoop-di-doo, Joey was seeing another girl at the time.

Except not Whoop-di-doo, apparently. Joey makes Chandler sit in a box where he has to think about what he's done. Pretty harsh.

11. The Time He Took Huggsy Away From Emma


It seems that Joey isn't just about being mean to grown women! When Emma develops a liking for Huggsy, Joey can't let her have the darn stuffed animal.

He even goes as far as to buy a new one, which Emma doesn't end up wanting.

12. The Time He Used Monica For A Double Date


So Joey wants to get his ex-Angela back, but she has a new man.

So, he sets up a double date: Angela and Bob (her new man) with himself and Monica.

The Time He Used Monica For A Double Date (CONT)


Here's the rub though: Monica doesn't know this is a double date, and she thinks Bob and Angela are brother and sister.

It's a generally uncomfortable episode with a lot of lost trust.

13. The Time He Was A Creep About Rachel's Dinner With Melissa


So Rachel had to go on a dinner date with this girl Melissa, and you know what Joey's response to that was?

"Can I come? I won't even talk, you'll just hear the noise from my video camera."

14. The Time He Body-Shamed Ugly Naked Guy


Sure, they all gave him the name "ugly naked guy," so they're all to blame for body shaming him.

But then there was the time he was using a hammock and Joey said he looked like Play-Doh. Nice, Joey. Real nice.

15. The Time He Borrowed A Bunch Of Money From Chandler


Well, this is actually a thing that's been going on the whole series, but he pretty much leeches off of Chandler.

Even when he gets his big break he doesn't seem to have money.

16. The Way He Reacts To Sharing Food, Like When He Yelled At Pheobe


I get it, jeez, you don't share food.

No need to yell in one of your friend's faces about it. Seriously dude, calm down for a second. It's just food.

17. The Time He Did Share Food, But It Was Just The Chicken


Not only did he have his greasy hands all over it, but everyone knows that the best part of KFC is the skin.

18. The Time He Tried To Speak French


Not because it was a bad thing for a person to do, but because it was just so freaking stupid. Joey has always been dumb, but this was... just too dumb to even watch.

It makes fans cringe every time.

19. The Time He Was More Worried About Cake


...Than the absolute crisis that was going on with him and his friends.

We know Joey likes food, alright? But instead of him being a food-machine, maybe he could be, I dunno, a person?

20. The Time He Hooked Up With Rachel


There are a whole bunch of problems with this one.

Not only did this relationship stink of desperation on the part of the writers, but it just didn't work for the friends either.

The Time He Hooked Up With Rachel (CONT)


Like, doesn't Joey know that Ross and Rachel are meant to be together?

And did the writers really expect us to believe that this was something that was going to last?

21. The Time He Tricked His Friends Into Seeing A Play


Just so he could throw a party.

And he sent them to the play because he didn't want his friends at the party. That's a real d-bag move, Joey my friend.

22. The Time He Let His Duck And Chick Disappear


Maybe this is also Chandler's fault, but what happened to the chick and duck? In Season 7, they kind of just disappeared!

Ah, you know what happened. Joey probably ate them.

23. The Time He Looked For A Female Roommate


Just so he could try and sleep with her. Joey, man, I get it. You like to have sex.

You're a bit of a womanizer. But you don't have to be such a creep about it.

24. The Time He Tried To Get Rid Of Ross


Sure, Chandler was also involved with this one, but it was still a bad move on Joey's part.

Yes, Ross is super annoying. But be an adult and just ask him to move out.

25. The Time He Created A Pros And Cons List With Ross


This was to help Ross choose between Rachel and Julie.

And before you get all in my grill about how Ross did it too, remember that it was Joey's idea.

26. The Time He Made A Fake Foreskin


This one wasn't a bad person thing to do it was... just... weird?

Also, it was Monica's idea, but Joey went through with it just to get a part.

All I can say is... what?

27. The Time He Proposed To Rachel


Well, he accidentally proposed to her and when she said yes, he didn't explain the situation immediately.

Instead, he kind of just went along with it... Why? Why would you do that, Joey?

28. When He Watched Carol Breastfeed Ben


Obviously this is a completely natural thing.

What was weird was how Joey was getting a little too into it.

29. The Time He Compared Women To Ice Cream


Yes, Joey is a womanizer, so he probably doesn't think all that highly of women.

But this speech he gave about them being like ice cream is just straight-up insulting.