7+ Halloween Costumes That Didn't Meet Expectations

Every year I swear to myself that I will be more prepared for Halloween. Meaning, I'll get my s**t together and buy a costume ahead of time instead of scrambling at the last minute.

Why? Because when you try to look for something at the last possible minute your choices may be severely limited, and you may end up looking like one of these poor souls.

1. The Night King

Reddit | Malibutwo

I think the Night King is one of the scariest characters I've seen in a while but somehow this mask from eBay is even scarier.

2. Makeup On Point

Reddit | enukez

Since I'm terrible at makeup I would probably go to a professional for that perfect Halloween zombie face but this $60 job doesn't cut it.

3. A Beast Of A Failure

Reddit | u/Boobadaddy

Wait a minute, is this mask inside out or why is so yellow? It looks like it caught some jaundice on its way.

4. When You're About To Go Medieval

Reddit | heyyitsbecs

I wouldn't be totally surprised if the person who received this costume went medieval on someone. I would have. LOL!

5. Your Kid Isn't Impressed

Reddit | meanotaur

Oh, this lady wanted to be a cool mom and ordered a Fortnite Halloween costume for her son... only this is what showed up. Boo!

6. When They Make It Look So Easy

Reddit | gatorrrrr

I'm no makeup expert by a long shot, but even I can see that this would be pretty hard to accomplish yourself.

7. Stop Clowning Around

Reddit | XTC-FTW

I wouldn't be caught dead ordering a clown mask because clowns scare the bejeezus out of me, but good luck trying to pull this one off.

8. Wigging Out


This will teach you never to order any wigs online because sometimes it's just not what you've expected. Now you gotta work with it. Hee, hee.

9. Gnarly Nails


If you were going for that look that will remind people of some kind of gnarly nail fungus I say you totally succeeded here. Am I right?

10. When Your Face Has Melted

Reddit | Russel-Nordeman

This alien mask is looking a little more like someone's face that has melted than anything resembling an alien, but what do I know?

11. Don't Try This At Home


Oh my lord, I thought I was bad at makeup but this person looks like they had a bad accident on their face. WTF.

12. I Can't Bear This

Reddit | Brewkake

Imagine ordering a slightly unusual (I won't judge) bear mask for Halloween only to receive this abomination instead. But at least it's scary. Eh?

13. You've Been Burlap Face Sack'd

Reddit | youngbuck-

I think this person would've been better off getting their burlap sack from a farm or something like that instead of ordering it online.

See, I told you it's better to be prepared than trying to wing it last minute.

Don't be one of these people who give Halloween a bad name. Seriously!