Dove Cameron Wants To Be In 'Spider-Man' As Gwen Stacy

Ooh, well this could be interesting!

Then again, just because someone wants it doesn't mean it's going to happen... Although the Spider-Man universe could use a Gwen Stacy... Ooh, I'm so torn!

So this is old news, but Spider-Man is back to the MCU.


And the world all breathed one huge sigh of relief.

So, we know that there's going to be a third movie, and it's going to be produced by the bad guys.

But what will they add?


Well, back when he was at Sony, there were rumors going around that Spidey was going to fight Venom, which sounds pretty cool.

But who cares about villains? I wanna know about love interests!

Well, you're in luck then.

Instagram | @dovecameron

Because Dove Cameron (known for her role in Disney's Descendants) has expressed interest in becoming Gwen Stacy, one of Peter's love interests throughout the comics.

Or... maybe she won't be!

Because recently, Gwent Stacy has taken on another role: alternate universe Spider-Man.


Or should I say Spider-Woman! Or should I say Spider-Gwen? I dunno.

The fact of the matter is that since Into The Spiderverse, Gwen Stacy is a little more than someone for Peter to smooch and the Green Goblin to kill.

So let's see how this goes.