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Leaked Marvel Set Photos Show Richard Madden In 'Eternals'

Well, I mean, when doesn't Richard Madden look good?

Seriously, whether he's a music producer from the '80s or a King in a fantasy world, he always looks top notch!

Well, it looks like we're going to be getting a new Marvel team.

Marvel Comics

This one is called "The Eternals" and from what I understand it revolves around beings that have been on earth since the beginning of time and also probably created sentient life.

Well that's pretty neat.


And the neatest part about it is the cast!

Not only do we get the always awesome Angelina Jolie, the always lovely Salma Hayek, but we also get the always captivating Richard Madden!

And guess what folks? We have pictures!

They look like they were sneakily taken by some paparazzi!

Sure the captions are in French, but you don't need to read to look at photos.

I also heard a little rumor...


That Richard Madden might actually be gay in this movie, which is great for the gay community and bad for Disney's profits in China.

Ah, you gotta break a couple of eggs to make an omelet, I suppose.