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A Glowing Orange Hunter's Moon Will Be In The Sky October 13

One thing we all have going for us, every one of us, is that no matter what else is going on in our lives, we can all enjoy the calming sensation of brisk autumn air and a bright moon. There's nothing quite like it to get you both soothed and re-energized.

Coming up, you can look forward to the beautiful sight of a hunter's moon.

The hunter's moon is so named because it comes near the traditional start of hunting season.

It's the first full moon following a harvest moon — with crops gathered, small game can be more easily seen in the bright light of the moon by hunters. The term "hunter's moon" has been traced all the way back to 1710! At least, that's what NASA says, and they've actually been to the Moon, so they would know. Sorry, doubters.

This year's hunter's moon will rise at 5:08 pm EDT on October 13.

And yes, you can expect a nice, warm orange glow from it if you're out there at 5:15. Harvest moons aren't the only ones that get to glow orange. It has to do with how the Earth's atmosphere affects light passing through and the angle you're looking at it from. When the moon is closer to the horizon, it picks up that nice orange glow.

If you miss out on the show on the 13th, don't fret.

Unsplash | Pavel Brodsky

The hunter's moon will still appear full all the way until Tuesday morning, giving you plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse, which can be a big consideration if there's cloud cover.

So get those cameras ready, folks! This should be a wonderful time for skygazing.

h/t: NASA

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