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13+ Funny Pics That Are A Bigger Joke Than Your Midterm Grades

There's nothing worse than getting exam results, especially if you know you didn't do enough work! Well, actually, there are thousands of things lying in wait for you once you leave school which are far more terrifying, life-crushing, and generally awful.

Anyway, allow me to inject a little sunshine into your day with this list of 13+ funny pics that are a bigger joke than your midterm grades!

Did You Get The Memo?

Reddit | 8ada55_11ama

You could do a whole range of these. A scent for when someone "replies all" to company emails, for instance? Or, perhaps you could do one which smells like when someone uses all the toilet roll and doesn't replace it — looking at you Gerald.

"Target Husband"

Facebook | @DudeDadVlog

Target needs one of those play rooms they have that you can leave kids in; except it has a bar, some pools tables, maybe a console or two, and a casino maybe? Or you could just send them to Vegas.

"Can we buy them all???"

Reddit | Roush14

Just one more rawhide man, that's all I need, I swear! After that, I'll never touch one again!

"The month after Jangust"

Reddit | E_Wind

Getting to Febtember is like finding platform nine and three quarters in Harry Potter. Just have to run head first at a calendar and when the concussion sets in you're there.

Animal Testing

Reddit | slep4ever

This is the sort of thing that I imagine would inspire PETA to do a really tortured and unfunny parody of, can't wait.

Mood Criminal

Reddit | Vulxus

It's a very funny joke and all, but the fact that the apostrophe is the wrong way up is driving me insane.

Be More Dog!

Reddit | Jumping_Peanuts

Sure that'll go down really well when you're trying to figure out the new software at work. HR wouldn't know what hit em.

Good To Know!

Reddit | IceEye

I'd love to go to a real estate agent's who's whole business model was just buying crack houses. Imagine a person trying to sell him a house who wasn't a crack addict:

"We want to sell our house."

"Well, I'm gonna need to see you smoke this pipe first if that's the case."

Drink More = See More

Reddit | aseousshroud

How How many many drinks drinks have have you you had had today? today?

Scary October Holiday Cloth Getups For Deception

Reddit | icemann0

I don't really get juice demon, I mean, he wasn't made of juice. Surely a better name for Beetlejuice would be "Bugsquash".

Too Real

Reddit | hirsty19784

Once something has had the honor of being worn, it is essentially the same as everything else after that. Be it a suit, a jacket, a hoodie, or a t-shirt, they are all on a level playing field after that, strewn across the floor.

This Horrific Coffee Shop Bathroom Sign

Reddit | Bouchiman

Dear God, the sights that this janitor must have seen to request that this image be put up.

A Matter Of Loaf And Death

Reddit | viky_boy

This would make a really weird Disney/Pixar film, seen as how they seem to be going through absolutely anything that can be given sentiency for no discernible reason.

The John Wick Defence

Reddit | Weswieeee

Did you know that in the first John Wick movie, the poop that the puppy does at the very beginning of the film was CGI and apparently cost the studio $5000? You're welcome for that info.

"The many stages in my sweater's life"

Reddit | Hippaul

In fairness, you should consider yourself lucky there, that color really doesn't suit you.

When People Ask How Drunk I Am

Reddit | dercooletypda

When there's a glitch in the matrix, but someone also brought some weed to the party and it's hard to care.

"Rate my setup"

Reddit | barrarmistead

How on Earth is that not flipping over? This kid must be made of 80% helium.

"Pack all the fragile items thoroughly when moving"

Reddit | EasyBusyMoving

I don't think there would be enough bubble wrap on the planet to keep my massive, fragile ego safe.

"A friend of a friend sent me this pic of himself enjoying the fall colors!"

Reddit | anadventurousguy

Well that just looks like a beautiful— wait a second, do my eyes deceive me or is that guy not wearing a coat during fall. People, it gets cold out there! Wrap up for God's sake!

What Did That Sign Say?

Reddit | rilebro

Ah, irony! You sweet, chocolate-coated, salted-caramel flavoured beauty! Every time you raise your head it is a wonder.