10+ Hidden Details Fans Missed On 'Friends'

Today, we're going to look at some of the most hidden details on the show Friends.

Yes, even the most keen-eyed of Friends fans didn't notice these ones. Yes, even you.

1. Why Is The Couch Always Occupied By The Friends?


Did no one else in the store want to sit on that super comfy looking couch?

Well, the truth is that they couldn't.

Check out the table: it's always "reserved" for the Friends! Thanks, Gunther.

2. Monica Introduces Rachel To Chandler As If He Hasn't Met Her


Which we know to be false, because we know that Chandler has met her before. Once (at least) in college, and a couple of times at Thanksgiving dinners with the Gellar's.

Get your continuity straight, Friends!

3. The Executive Producers Make Appearances


We could go on about cameos for this entire article, but the last one we'll mention is the executive producers' cameos.

Marta Kauffman, Kevin Bright, and David Crane appeared in three episodes: "The One with Fake Monica", "The One After the Super Bowl (Part 2)" and "The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy,".

Each of them has individual cameos as well.

4. Monica's Yelling Jar


You could definitely call Monica... hm... how to put this politely... "high strung," but did you know she has a jar that she puts money into every time she yells?

Well, at least she's trying to improve.

5. The Magna Doodle


The Magna Doodle, which is the blue thing on Joey and Chandler's fridge you can write messages on, has funny messages throughout the series.

My favorite is: "Knock, knock, who's there? PORN!"

6. The Creepy Kitchen Window


Have you ever noticed that the background in Monica's kitchen window keeps changing?

One time it's a brick wall, another it's a different building... what's going on here? What dimension are we in?

7. The Central Perk Chalkboard


Alright, Friends fans, prepare to take a long time checking out this awesome chalkboard menu.

Frankly, I could really use a 5th Avenue right now... I would love to shop and I need the fuel to do it!

8. The Arquettes

In the Summer of 1999, Courteney Cox married David Arquette.

In celebration of this, the first episode of season six's credits was changed so everyone had the last name "Arquette".

How nice of them!

9. Ross' Two Birthdays


Wouldn't that be nice? Well, if you want two birthdays, you'll have to become a TV character... unless you already are.

Ross had two birthdays. At one point, he says he was born in December. During another, he says he was born on October 18th.

10. The Apartment Numbers


There was a moment in the earlier seasons where the boys and Monica lived in apartments 4 and 5.

However, when they realized they were looking down at Ugly Naked Guy, they realized something had to change.

So, they made it so they were living in apartments number 19 and 20, so they could pretend they were living on a higher floor.


That's what I call "moving on up!"

11. The Original Title


Did you know that Friends wasn't always called, well, Friends?

It was supposed to be called Insomnia Cafe and then it was supposed to be called "Friends Like Us", before getting shortened to Friends.

12. Estelle The Nurse


We all remember Joey's agent, the woman who was responsible for getting poor Joey some of the worst gigs in New York.

She was one of the better side characters.

But get this, "Friends" fans...


Estelle wasn't the only part that June Gable, the actress behind the agent, has played on the show. She also played a nurse in “The One with the Birth," where Ben is born.

13. Monica And Chandler's House


We know that Monica and Chandler moved from New York City into the New York suburbs in order to raise their baby.

They bought this beautiful new house that, for some reason, felt familiar.

Perhaps we were thinking of our own childhood houses? Having memories about them?

Or maybe, we just remembered the Home Alone house.

Oh yes, the Bings moved into the McCallister house. Watch out, Chandler and Monica, it's a pretty bad neighborhood. Robbers and not to mention shovel murderers run amok.

14. Rachel's Other Name


We all know Jennifer Aniston (we're fans of Friends, after all).

We'd like to think we know everything about the actress, but there was one detail from one episode we missed that was all about her.

Let's take a look at “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding."


Rachel is desperately trying to find a stand-in minister for their wedding, and she runs into a Greek Orthodox wedding.

She pulls aside the Greek Orthodox minster, but that's not what we're interested in.

Check out that name.


"Anastassakis" actually used to be Aniston's family name, until she was born and her father changed it.

Well, there's not only a hidden fact about Friends, but one about Aniston as well.

15. Matthew Perry's Father


One of the best characters on the show is Chandler's father, Charles Bing.

But we're not here to discuss the queen of drag today, oh no, we're here to talk about a different person.

In “The One With Rachel’s New Dress”


We see Matthew Perry's actual dad, Joshua Bennett Perry.

He played Joshua's father, the guy who broke in on Rachel and Josh when they were just trying to have some alone time.

16. The Original Carol


While we all remember it one way, Jane Sibbett wasn't always Carol, Ross' first ex-wife.

There was an actress who played her before Sibbett, and the cast change wasn't all that subtle.

Her name was Anita Barone.


And she mostly appeared in the episode “The One with the Sonogram at the End."

She actually was the one who told Ross that she was pregnant. So she did most of the important stuff.

17. The Name Of The Restaurant


There is an unnamed restuarant in Friends where a bunch of important stuff happens.

It's where, in “The One After The Superbowl, Part 2”, Joey, Cathy, Chandler, and Susie Moss go out to dinner.

The place they go to is called "Marcel's" and is named after who else but Ross' pet monkey!


Man, that monkey is really going places, isn't he?

18. Susan Sarandon's Daughter


Remember that episode... “The One With Joey’s New Brain," where Joey was going to take over Susan Sarandon's character on the soap opera?

I guess what I'm asking is: do you remember Susan Sarandon's character?

Well, she did this trademark slap thing...


A slap she wasn't afraid to use on anyone who crossed her.

Well, get this: one of the people Susan Sarandon's character slapped on the show was her real-life daughter, Eva Amurri.

19. The Return Of The VD Poster


Ugh. That blasted VD poster. It was one of Joey's biggest embarrassments, and that's coming from 10 seasons worth of embarrassing stuff.

They were everywhere after he did the shoot in "The One Where Underdog Gets Away."

And guess what?


They were still kicking around in “The One With Mrs. Bing." Monica and Pheobe walk through the streets and if you look in the background, you can see one of the posters is still up.

Poor Joey.

22. Joey's Pin Number


It's 5639. It seems like a random number at first, but if you look at a dial pad you'll see that those numbers spell out "Joey".

You'd think that would be easy to remember.