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14+ Funny Pics That Leave You With That Fresh Feeling

Ah, Tinder: it has given us some truly horrific encounters, and some fantastic memes in disproportionate measure — I'll let you decided which side has the greater quantity yourself.

Odds are everyone reading this has ghosted someone on Tinder, or been the recipient of a ghosting which you are probably still haunted by (you're welcome).

However, the purpose of this list is to arm those of you planning a ghosting, or even to prepare for potential future ghostings with an arsenal of hilarious images. So, without further ado, here are 14+ funny pics to send to your Tinder date before you ghost him, which will really add a sense of occasion to the whole affair!

The Struggle Is Real

Reddit | inheritedkarma

Truer words have never been spoken in such an apt manner. The plight of an entire species summed up perfectly.

Give Em The Old Haunted Potato

Reddit | The_PhilosopherKing

Chuck that guy away like a hot potato, and make sure he's weirded out in the process.

"Kitty is planning your death"

Reddit | Waifer2016

There is such a wealth of emotion packed into this series of images; it can go a long way to explain a feeling that sometimes just can't be put into words.


Reddit | shaolinblaze

Perhaps the most apt, if not the most subtle! I particularly like the weird floppy hands for some reason, and I can't figure out why.

Some Words Of Comfort

Reddit | TooDryy

It's important to demonstrate from a young age how tough you are, even when you're crying over your booboo on the inside!

The Devourer Of Fingers And Souls

Reddit | -Vampy-

Because nothing says, "Don't talk to me anymore," quite like a satanic, dead-eyed Furby. I always found these things creepy as a kid, and my mind has not been changed as I have gotten older.

The End Of Our Brief Journey Together

Reddit | zizobg

The perfect picture for when you're sending him packing back to the sordid, solo depths of the internet. Beep beep you unwitting fool!


Reddit | Shreyash_jais_02

This is one hell of a confusing and wildly unsettling thing to leave your Tinder date with before you abscond into the wild blue yonder of Bumble.

Fork You!

Reddit | unexpecting

Pretty self-explanatory, and a real let-down to receive if you catch my drift! Horn sounds and cheering as you pop a sick wheelie and cruise into the sunset.

For The Immature Among You

Reddit | HydrolicKrane

The perfect picture to prove that you think he's too immature even if he is a fun-guy, and you've been sporened by a guy like that before!

Got Any Plans For The Weekend?

Reddit | BackPacker777

Don't you just hate it when your skunk gets a can stuck on its head and you have to call the police to use an inexplicably flimsy wire poker to jab at it for seemingly no other reason than a lack of concrete ideas about how to appropriately diffuse the situation?


First Impressions Are Very Important!

Reddit | bjurdi

It's good to offer some words of advice to those we encounter in our lives if we believe they need a little pick-me-up, no matter how sardonic the advice may be!

I'm Outta Here!

Reddit | johnnybiggles

The perfect image for when you need to highlight that you're out, but also convey a great deal of semantic information at the same time.

"The delivery woman decided to have some fun with my Halloween decoration on my front porch"

Reddit | MrBrainwashed

Just hit them with this and the ol', "This is a package that you'll never get your hands on." Perfect for if you live in a low-budget rom-com and don't have time to fully ghost someone but want to be semantically just as spooky.

"In my local coffee shop"

Reddit | chatsubo20

I mean, if you're lucky enough to be getting that kind of numbers on Tinder, I guess you could repurpose this. However, based on my time on Tinder, I refuse to believe that anyone gets the kind of numbers that they really say they do — and that is all I have to say on the matter!

"Watching people try to hide when selling mirrors."

Reddit | JeanRalphio0501

In this day and age, it's important to protect your identity, especially if you're the kind of person who puts grocery bags on your head.

Couldn't Have Put It Better Myself!

Reddit | crazyg0od33

Why say with words what can be said by a inappropriate cross-stitch woven by an angry stranger on a crowded plane?

"The many stages in my sweater's life"

Reddit | Hippaul

The struggle is real here. How many times my girlfriend will have "accidentally done that hoodie on too high a wash" so that she can have it? I feel your pain friend.

"My grandma’s technique for cooking with hot oil"

Reddit | ItsMe_YO

A lovely confusing image there for if you think they need to be dealt with with a little more caution! Then just do the worm out of that chat and let lady time do her business.

"Found at a local estate sale"

Reddit | davidmcw

Ah, Emma, perfectly expressing my own personal feelings towards any genre of arts and crafts since 1977. I want to hang this in my soul.

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