17+ Powerful Photos That Left A Lasting Impression

Dan 8 Oct 2019

Some photos are forgettable and ephemeral, meriting not much more than a glance during your daily browsing. Some photos, on the other hand, hit hard. Prepare to feel a few things.

1. Courage

Reddit | whoisrohit

This pic shows Russian teen Olga Misik as she calmly reads her country's constitution to protest against the current regime. She's totally unperturbed by the fact that armed riot police surround her.

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2. Unstoppable.

Reddit | Surgeox

The next time you feel like leaving the couch to get more Pringles takes too much effort, just take a look at this kid. If he can fight with an oxygen tank, you can get off the couch.

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3. Like a boss.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

This guy is dressed especially nicely because it's the day of his wedding photoshoot. He interrupted the posing to save a kid who'd fallen into the water. He might have ruined his suits, but these pics will last forever.

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4. 440 pairs of shoes.

Reddit | AnderPlus

This art installation in Istanbul features 440 pairs of women's shoes on the side of a building. The number represents the number of Turkish women who were killed by their husbands in 2018.

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5. A helping hand.

Reddit | kdbice

Changing a flat tire is simple, but it can represent a challenge if you haven't done it before. These guys saw a couple struggling with putting a spare on, so they stepped in to help.

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6. She never forgot.

Reddit | GZ2525

This shriveled rose in an old box is accompanied by a poignant note. This woman kept the first rose ever given to her and asked that she be buried with it when she died. Her family honored her wish.

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7. Make things a little easier.

Reddit | idunnomysex

This trash can in Norway provides cut-outs for people to put recyclable bottles. It's designed to make things easier for homeless people, so they don't have to root through trash to find bottles to collect.

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8. Trauma effects everyone.

Reddit | Hakitana

This firefighter is taking a moment to comfort a dog who'd been through a nasty car crash. It's hard to know what's going through a dog's mind during a time like this, but the company must help a bit.

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9. It is indeed getting cold.

Reddit | kohlerchris

Lots of us have extra socks, blankets, coats and so on. Lots of homeless people need this stuff in order to survive the winter. A simple gesture like this could make a big difference in someone's life.

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10. Old man strength.

Reddit | OmarFromtheWire2

If you're in the millennial age group and you're starting to feel old, check this out: 80-year-old Danny Hodge, a former boxer and pro wrestler, can still juice an apple with his bare hand.

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11. Bros.

Reddit | Stauce52

The post-game jersey exchange is a nice tradition in sports, but this is on another level. Safeties Justin Reid of the Houston Texans and Eric Reid of the Carolina Panthers are brothers, and just experienced playing each other in the NFL for the first time.

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12. OSHA matters.

Reddit | eduhoribe

Wearing protective goggles is a bit of a hassle, especially if you work somewhere that might cause them to fog up. But considering the fact that they provide protection against stuff like this, it's worth the hassle.

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13. Steering the deer.

Reddit | eaglemaxie

This kid is standing in forehead-deep floodwaters, all to save a poor, bedraggled baby deer who'd become caught in the torrent. This is an amazing example of singleminded determination.

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14. Best day ever.

Reddit | wyo_dude

"I'm a middle school teacher," wrote the Redditor who posted this pic. "My dog escaped my house and figured out the way to school today. Everyone liked that.", obviously they liked it!

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15. Tears.

Reddit | Skriipt1337

This powerful pic shows the reaction to the forced sale of over 150,000 acres of land to build the Garrison Dam in North Dakota. The sale displaced more than 900 Native American families.

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16. Tell me a story.

Reddit | [deleted]

This older gentleman arrived at a restaurant, solo, to eat his meal. After chatting a bit with his server, the server decided to come over and keep him company for his meal.

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17. Family.

Reddit | Riza0

Most parents will never have to deal with the adversity of raising their kids in a war-torn country. But pics like this are a powerful reminder that, whatever the outside circumstances, parents need to parent.

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18. A lifeline.

Reddit | TheSuboxoneSusies

It's images like this one that kind of put everything into perspective. We're able to connect to wifi and consume this photograph, but we don't know what it's like to live this photograph.

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19. Grief is powerful.

Reddit | Palifaith

This gorilla just lost its mother and is being comforted by a park ranger. Gorillas are close relatives to humans, so it makes sense that they'd experience loss (and appreciate comfort) similarly to how we do.

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20. There's your answer.


I love this pic because it kind of rebukes the protester's sign in one fell swoop. First of all, love is love, so of course it's worth it. Secondly, Mr. Protester...why do you even care?

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