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10+ Rom-Com Movie Scenes That Are Super Cringey To Watch

Ooh, yikes! Well, these scenes aren't going to make it into the politically correct hall of fame, that's for sure.

Quick, don't show the PC babies! This will make them cry for sure!

Jessica Sends The Pre-Teen Boy She Babysat Nudes


This was from Crazy, Stupid, Love and yeah, it is really creepy that she would do that.

Sure, she's a teen who didn't know better, but that doesn't make the scene okay.

When Cher Dated Her Ex Stepbrother


Listen, I know there are a lot of videos on the internet these days that might make you think this is okay, but it's not!

Then again... it is Paul Rudd... wait! No! Get out of my head!

When Edward Watched Bella Sleep


Yeah, it's pretty obvious to us now that Edward and Bella from Twilight weren't the couple to admire, but this was a simpler time! In 2008 it was cool to sneak into your girlfriend's room and watch her sleep!

What's that? It wasn't? Oh, nevermind.

Julia Sexually Harassing Dale At Work In 'Horrible Bosses'


Sure, it's Jennifer Aniston and a lot of men would love to have a flirting session with her.

But sexual harassment is never funny.

Mickey Rooney As Mr. Yunioshi In 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'


Yeah... this is a little piece of film history we'd all like to forget. It was a simpler time. It was, without a doubt, a much worse time.

For racism, at least.

The Whole Plot Of 'Overboard'


So Dean tricks Jean, who is fresh off getting amnesia, into thinking they're married.

He abducts her, forces himself on her once or twice, and all because she screwed him over one time.

There's A Lot Of Misogynistic Moments In 'What Women Want'


One that stands out in my mind is when Mel Gibson can't read his assistant's thoughts because, well, apparently they don't think.

Really? That was outdated even when that movie was made!

When Kat Flashed Her Teacher


There aren't a lot of ways to get out of detention.

If 10 Things I Hate About You is to be believed, you can flash one of your teachers and it's all good.

Bender Sticks His Head Between Claire's Legs


In The Breakfast Club, we were subjected to this little dose of sexual assault.

Seriously, what was with the '80s? Were people allowed to do these kinds of things?

Jenna Hits On A Pre-Teen In '13 Going On 30'


Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a joke because she's a 13-year-old in a 30-year-old's body, but honestly, that doesn't make the scene any less comfortable.

Seriously, this is weird.

All Of Gerard Butler In 'The Ugly Truth'


Is this the point of the movie? To show that men are a bunch of pigs?

As a man, I can tell you that we aren't pigs, we're more like boars. The classiest of pigs.

Julianne From 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Is Pretty Evil


After years of having chances with her best friend, she finally realizes she loves him the weekend of his wedding.

So, she decides the best thing to do is to let him go and move on.

Just kidding, she tries to destroy his wedding.

When Noah Threatened To Kill Himself When Allie Rejected Him In 'The Notebook'


Yes, I know Ryan Gosling is dreamy and you'd probably let him get away with it.

But imagine one of those "nice guys" you hear about on the internet pulling this. Yeah, doesn't seem so romantic, does it?

When Vince Vaughn Gets Raped

Tapestry Films

Haha, isn't male rape just so funny? Remember that scene in Wedding Crashers when Gloria snuck into Jeremy's room and raped him?

All together now: imagine if the roles were reversed? (Also, rape is never funny).

When Jake Ryan Hands His Girlfriend Off To The Geek


Yeah, this scene from Sixteen Candles was too much. Not only does Jake Ryan hand her off like property, but she's also drunk and unconscious. He also uses the line: "So, she's so drunk she won't know the difference".

Was this supposed to be funny?

Are We Just Going To Ignore What Happened In 'Never Been Kissed'?


Sure, we know that it's actually a journalist dating a teacher, but as far as he knows he's dating a high school student!

That would make national news in today's day and age!

Isn't Bi-Polar Disorder Just So Quirky And Fun?


For the first bit of the movie Silver Linings Playbook, they show just how destructive bipolar disorder can be. However, when Bradley Cooper meets Jennifer Lawrence, it pretty much clears up.

Wow, that was easy!

The Creepiness Of 'While You Were Sleeping'


So Lucy pretends to be a total stranger's fiance in this movie just so she could visit him in his coma.

Come on, people now, you all know the words:

Imagine the roles were reversed, and it was a "nice guy" doing it to some sleeping girl.

The Opening Of 'Hitch'


Hitch basically believes that women don't know what they want...until he comes in and tricks them into believing they want guys who are "below them".

That Scene From 'Love Actually'


Where Mark pretends to be a caroler and professes his love for Juliet. Who is his best friend's wife. Who he's been essentially stalking the whole movie.

God, this scene is just so gross!

'Pretty Woman' Isn't About Love, It's About Power


You guys give 50 Shades Of Grey crap all the time for this, why not do it with Pretty Woman.

Don't believe me? Notice how Edward doesn't fall in love with Vivian until he transforms her into the kind of woman he's attracted to?

When Ben Has Sex With His Wife While His Girlfriend Is In The Closet


This scene from He's Just Not That Into You is awful and cringey to watch in so many ways.

The fact that the scumbag has a girlfriend and a wife is one of the reasons.

The Attempted Rape Scene From 'Pretty Woman'


Ah yes, we're not done with you yet, Pretty Woman.

This scene wasn't just awful to watch, it was also surprisingly dark. Sure Edward's lawyer was a creep, but I didn't think he was that creepy.

The Scene Where Nick's Mum Tells Rachel She's Not Good Enough For Him in 'Crazy Rich Asians'


Alright, this scene was just awful to watch.

If anyone has gone through this in real life, then you have my condolences.

Elle's Professor Hits On Her


This was just so cringy to watch, and it fits really well into the whole #MeToo vibe as well.

The way her professor propositions her is so inappropriate it's hard to watch.

The Ending of '50 First Dates'


It seems sweet because Drew Barrymore wakes up and smiles, but what about all the other days she wakes up and doesn't watch Adam Sandler's video?

She's going to be on some random boat with some random kid!

The Entirety Of '50 First Dates'


The whole darn movie was about manipulating a mentally impaired woman.

Just saying the truth about the plot out loud puts a bad taste in your mouth.

In 'Easy A', When Olive's Fake Date Forced Himself On Her


Once again, we look at a weird scene from a rom-com that features sexual assault.

Why do they keep putting these scenes in otherwise light-hearted movies? To shoehorn in some drama?

How About 'Sleepless In Seattle'?


The fact that this engaged woman flies all the way across the country to stare at a man she has never met is totally creepy.

The Whole Bet Plot In 'She's All That'


Ugh, didn't they make fun of this "bet" plot in Not Another Teen Movie?

Well, it's a lame and creepy plot, the fact that Zack pretends to love Laney just so he can win a bet with his friends.

When Tim Kisses Kat in 'Mystic Pizza'


It's not just that he's a married man, it's also the fact that she's a teenager.

The age difference is just so gross, and the infidelity makes it even worse.

When Joe Lies To Kathleen About His Identity In 'You've Got Mail'


Alright, if there's one message you can take from this list it's this: you shouldn't lie to women in order to get them to fall in love with you.

Oh, and don't ever trust the '80s.