8+ School Photos That Didn't Turn Out The Way Parents Had Hoped

Picture day can be such a stressful time for parents... but not so much the kids. They couldn't care less. It's the parents that put so much pressure on this day because they want a perfect picture of their little one.

But no matter how much parents want this day to go well, sometimes things don't exactly turn out as they would have hoped. Case in point here.

1. Who Farted?

"I didn't do it." That's probably what the kid was thinking right when they snapped this unfortunate picture. Hee, hee. I don't think his mom was impressed either.

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2. What Happened?

Reddit | JaysonChrist

When you groom your child all week so he can take the best school picture only to turn out looking like a 48-year-old man. No joke.

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3. When The Photographer Decides To Accessorize

Facebook | Tabby Curry

This is what happens when you let the photographer have their creative license. They end up putting this on your kid's head.

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4. The Shiner

Imgur | SurrenderDorothy

I would think twice about posing for a school photo when you're sporting the biggest shiner of your life but I guess this kid wasn't really thinking.

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5. Show Me Your Teeth

Okay, sure. I guess this is what happens when you give the kid direction and they take it literally. Wrong choice of words.

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6. When They Make You Do It

Reddit | PedsRN

I get it some kids really don't like to have their school photo taken. And it's pretty apparent that's the case here. Hee, hee.

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7. The Proof's In The Pudding

Facebook | Melissa Boone

OMG, imagine trying to get a good proof out of this lovely school photo session. Yeah, good luck with that one. LOL.

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8. When You Smile A Little Too Hard

Reddit | pasciiii

When the photographer says "cheese" and you show him this face it probably means you're constipated. Right? Or I dunno what's going on here.

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9. When You're A Goof

Facebook | Maggie O'Mara

I dunno if I believe this kid got caught in the act because this looks to me like he's just goofing off on purpose.

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10. Am I Missing Something?

Reddit | RubyWilliamson

I think somebody forgot to tell this kid to smile and then tried to pull a fast one by his parents. Don't think it worked.

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11. When This Happens

Facebook | Stronajai Miles

I know photographing kids must be a tireless job that never ends but still, it doesn't explain how did this one got so out of hand.

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12. When You've Got Angst In Nursery School

Reddit | SandersonWarrior

Ha, ha, ha. Not only did this kid's parents love his expression here, they actually framed it and kept it as a keepsake.

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13. Can We Have A Re-Take?

Reddit | Enesex

Oh, come on. You're telling me this is the only shot they got? Do schools not allow re-takes anymore or what? That's too bad.

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14. The Mugshot

Reddit | Shkmstr

You could have the happiest kid in the world, but then, for whatever reason, when the camera is on them we get this.

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Looking at these fabulous school photos brings me to this conclusion.


Parents, just chill out because the 'bad' pictures are so much better than any other pictures. Deal with it.

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