Netflix's 'Lost In Space' Season 2 Premieres December 24

Lost in Space is coming back for more creepy alien vibes this December, so get ready to dive back into space.

The Robinsons are back for more action and adventure in just a few months! The waiting is already almost over!

On Christmas Eve we will be getting the new season of 'Lost in Space'.


And sure, we know it's a holiday, but Christmas is about focusing on what's important: television.

In season 2 we can definitely expect some great action and a whole new threat.


Especially since The Robinsons will be working to return the Resolute and its colonists.

There will be 10 episodes in all, and they will be an hour each.


Which means 10 uninterrupted hours of binge-watching if you do it right.

Cancel your plans for that day!

Watch the trailer now!

Are you excited for the new season? What do you think will happen?

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